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science project By: Noeli Cabrera

Come Visit Some Of The Worlds Types Of Boundaries

The Mariana Trench

Convergent Boundary

Come to one of the world's known Deepest Trench!

located in the western Pacific Ocean, to the east of the Mariana Islands.

The Mariana Trench is a crescent shaped trench about 10,994 m (43 miles) in depth and about 2,550 km (1580 miles wide) wide.

The MT was created by a subduction zone. Basically two plates pushed together (one going under the other) forming a deep trench above the bend in the sinking crust

Fun Facts

  • if mount everest were put under the trench it would be about 6,792 ft below
  • the pressure is over 1000 times over the atmospheric pressure at sea level
  • It is completely dark
  • The temperature is 1-4 degrees celsius
  • A single-celled organism called the Xenophyophores was found at a depth of 10.6km below the surface
  • there are several vents at the bottom that shoot out water about 700 degrees fahrenheit
  • C02 vents there as a liquid since there is extreme pressure
  • Large animals were found there and have adapted to it's high pressure

East African Rift Valley

Divergent Boundary

The EAR is an active continental rift zone in East Africa and also one of it's great tectonic features caused by fracturing of the earth's crust.

this rift is a narrow zone that is developing a divergent boundary.

The East African Rift Valley is an area with substantial volcanic activity. Like lava erupting by fissures,and individual volcanoes forming along the rift.

You Can Visit Many Of The Active Volcanoes In This Area

San Andreas Fault Line

Transform Boundary

1300 km through California, the San Andreas Fault Line caused by the San Francisco earthquake in 1906 is the most famous fault in the world.

About 30 million years ago the fault was born when the Pacific Plate and the North American plate first met.

It started forming in Cenozoic when two plates began to move in different directions and became subducted (moved apart) causing the fault line you see today.

The SAF is about 10 miles deep, and 700 miles long (about 800 miles when curves are measured)


You can find the San Andreas Fault by looking on the ground for landforms it has created

Yellowstone Old Faithful

Hot Spot

Come and visit one of america's known geysers !

Named during the Washburn-Langford-Doane Expedition to Yellowstone,

Old Faithful is a cone-shaped geysers spewing out hot water and steam for 158 years for about 50-90 minutes at a time.

Although Old Faithful is not the tallest geyser in Yellowstone National Park, it is the most well known geyser in America

Fun Facts

  • The water is about 240 degrees fahrenheit
  • The steam is about 350 degrees
  • Before it erupts you will see little squirts of water
  • It shoots up water about 185 ft up high (a lot taller than your house)
  • Goes off about 17 times a day
  • lowest recorded sight was about 72 ft deep into geyser


The Mariana Trench, East African Rift Valley, San Andreas Fault line, Yellowstone National Park Old Faithful

  1. Day 1, stop at the hotel in Northern Mariana Island and enjoy the view for some time. Relax prepare for the sights.
  2. Day 2, take a ride to the mariana trench enjoy the view, swim, take pictures. Come back to the hotel and pack your things ti go to the EAR!!
  3. Day 3, visit the hotel in the EAR. Come visit the many active volcanoes and enjoy the wonderful sights, take time to enjoy what you see. Come back to the hotel and get ready for California.
  4. Day 4, A few miles away from the fault line the hotel in California will be a 4 star hotel. Stay there for a day and take a break.
  5. Day 5, Take a trip to San Andreas Fault line and see how this went right through California. Return to the hotel and prepare for yellowstone.
  6. Day 6, Stop by the motel at yellowstone and enjoy the different sites until Old Faithful erupts. 3:20-4:10 come and wait for Old Faithful's eruptions.
  7. Day 7, Return back to the hotel and pack your things ready to return home

starts June 28th - July 3rd

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