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Amazing App Race

I received great feedback regarding the Goosechase Staff Meeting that took place on April 28th. If you would like to dig deeper into any of the apps that were shared, I would love to find a time to get together to continue our exploration. Please just let me know!

Map Testing Begins on Wednesday

Just a friendly reminder that MAP testing begins on Wednesday. All testing is scheduled for the mornings. Please check the Lab Schedule prior to going to the lab to make sure there are no classes testing. Teachers, please work with your grade level to schedule make-ups.

Please set up your testing using the MAP website.

Directions for MAP Proctor, How-To's, etc

Students using iPads will need to do the following things prior to testing:

  • Allow Pop-ups: tap on Settings, then on the left side column tap Safari, and tap the slider for Block Pop-ups so it is in the OFF position.
  • Students should go to: https://test.mapnwea.org
  • Have students turn on Guided Access or Casper Focus for testing.

Movie Licensing

You may not know we have a paid license to show movies at Bay Harbor. Before you show a movie to students, please review the link below to learn more about our movie license. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Movie Licensing FAQ

Check HERE to see if our Movie License covers the movie you want to show your students.

Just type the name of the movie in the SEARCH box.

App of the Month- Snapquest

Photo scavenger hunts for kids on the iPad! This FREE app comes with 12 fun and educational photo scavenger hunts. Download it from the App store or use this link


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