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Why Our Services?

  • Tender Alert Service Via Email Access
  • Tenders From Web (DASHBOARD)
  • Get Only Relevant Tenders
  • Easy Tender Submission
  • e-Auction Notices
  • Digital Signature Certificate (NEW/Renewal)

Get Only Relevant Tenders:

Your time is precious. Why spend it on scanning tenders, when you can spend it on winning tenders? Get an Only Relevant tender that meets your business criteria.

Tender Alert Service Via Email

Stop chasing tenders, subscribe VSUPPORT. You'll get all tenders of your choice emailed to you weekly (every Saturday of Week). Only those tenders that meet your search criteria i.e. Product/Service, Geography, Value, Tendering Authority, etc. will be emailed to you.

Easy tender submission

You can bank on us to submit both online & offline bids. For online submission, you'll get the necessary training & help to procure a valid digital Signature certificate. In case of offline bidding, you can get your bid submitted via our executive.