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April 2020

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A message from the Counselor (K-2)

Hello all! It is our hope that you stay happy and healthy during these times. We are here to support you. We have exciting lessons and activities planned for you and your family this month. Check out all of the events below. We look forward to seeing you soon!

Thank you!

For more information contact:

Tameka McCrae-Edgecombe, Elementary Counselor

Email: tedgecombe@georgiacyber.org

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A message from the Counselor (3rd- 5th)

Hello Students!

I hope everyone is staying healthy and safe during this time. The whole purpose of the quarantine time is to keep as many people safe as possible. Take care of yourself and others in your family. I also hope you all are still having fun and learning new things despite what is going on in our world.

Thank you!

For more information contact:

Tiania Lowe, Elementary Counselor

Email: tlowe@georgiacyber.org

Upcoming Events

Parent Night

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Maintaining Social Emotional Wellness During Uncertain Times

GCA Counseling Department will host a parent night to speak with parents about what they can do to maintain social/emotional wellness during this unprecedented time.

Date and Time: April 2nd @ 6PM

Jigsaw Link: http://app.jigsawinteractive.com/u/X8s2T3

Character Education

Character Crusaders Word of the Month: Hope

Students will learn about the character education word Hope. Hope is a feeling of expectation and desire for a certain thing to happen.

Character Education Assembly Date & Time:

K-5th Friday, April 3rd @ 12:00 PM

Jigsaw Link: http://app.jigsawinteractive.com/u/PiSfc6

**At the beginning of the Character Education lesson we will complete a few mindfulness and movement exercises to help build our relaxation skills. (Relax- Relate-Release)

*Note: A link to all lessons are found within your Canvas Calendar

Movement and Mindfulness

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Relax- Relate- Release

Date & Time: K-5 Friday, April 17th @ 12PM

Jigsaw link: http://app.jigsawinteractive.com/u/evGAJp

Access: (above link or on student's Canvas calendar)

Book Time & Activity

Evening Under the Stars* Book Time and Activity with the Counselor

Get cozy and put on your favorite PJ's as Mrs. Edgecombe reads a cute, endearing, short book to your family.

Date & Time: K-5 Friday, April 17th @ 7PM

Jigsaw link: http://app.jigsawinteractive.com/u/93KRjK

Access: (above link or on student's Canvas calendar)

Activity Instructions:

During book time we will create "Calming Jars" for stressful moments

***Supplies students need if they want to participate in the book time activity (Please have it ready during book time-you can do this as a family).*** Get enough for each person participating.

1 small jar with lid OR empty 8fl oz or 12fl oz water bottle

1 glitter glue (glow in the dark -if you can!)

1 glitter (shaker or tube)

*Choose your favorite colors*

Lunch Bunch Book Time and Activity with the Counselor

Join Mrs. Lowe as she reads a cute, endearing, short book to students K-5.

Date & Time: Friday, April 24th @12PM

Jigsaw link: http://app.jigsawinteractive.com/u/kPTzda

Access: (above link or on student's Canvas calendar)

Acitivity Instructions

During book time we will create a "Happy Box" for stressful moments

***Supplies kids need to have if they want to participate in the book time activity: (Please have it ready during book time)***

1-Small box

1 pack of -favorite stickers- (to decorate your box)

1 sheet of printer paper (cut up into 10 pieces)

Crayons and markers-(to decorate your Happy box)

Picture of the word "shout out" which means to recognize others

Character Crusaders Students of the Month: Individuality

Teacher: Nicole Owens

Student: Isabelle Huling

Izzy has such a vivacious and loving spirit! You can this is the way she reads passages in class, makes comments in the chat box, and explains her thoughts during our discussions. She is a fun addition to our class!

Teacher: Kimberly Aumsbaugh

Student: Actkins Quentin

Quentin shows individuality in class when he is answering questions and sharing his thoughts. He loves to contribute to class discussions and review questions I have the students explain. He enjoys posting his thought on class padlets and showing his ideas to others.

Teacher: Danielle Booher

Student: Jerry Brown

Sonny loves to make his classmates laugh! He is a joy to teach. :)

Teacher: Jaime Conner

Student: Stephen Stein

Stephen is great! When I think of a "cool kid," he comes to mind. He is not afraid to be himself! Oh, and he always cheers in the chatbox when it is time for Social Studies to start. :)

Teacher: Kascha Adeleye

Student: Lily Thrift

Lily consistently shows who she is and is so proud of it. She's always willing to share her quirks and capacities with the class on camera and the microphone. She's a great artist, and she has a beautiful love for her teachers and classmates.

Teacher: Seebode, Amanda

Student: Layla Portalatin

Layla exemplifies individuality in all she does. She has a strong sense of self and is a determined writer. She utilizes her interests and abilities to make her an individual, and stands out among others in a positive way.

Teacher: Leigh Ann Thomas

Student: Anita Jordan

This student is not afraid to be who she is. She has a strong sense of herself as an individual and knows and works toward her goals without fear of what "the crowd" might be doing.

Teacher: Taunya Smith

Student: Rilee Roberts

Rilee exhibits individuality in my class by not being afraid to speak up and express her thoughts. Even if she is sometimes incorrect in her thinking (math related), she's still brave and speaks up. She is not afraid to share her unique ideas with the class. In my opinion she is an "out-of-the-box" thinker.

Teacher: Tasha Criswell

Student: Mallory Naomi

Not only does Naomi participate in class and complete her assignments, but she definitely follows the beat to her own drum. She is always sporting a cute hat in our live sessions. She is artistic and enjoys drawing and writing her own poetry. She enjoys sharing her creations at the end of our sessions each day.

Teacher: Rebekah Claar

Student: Caden Arnold

Caden attends class and participates. He has lots of colorful antidotes and comments. He is always willing to read and comment in a good way to class discussions. His sense of humor comes through in both his verbal and written responses.

Teacher: Evelyn Matias

Student: Charlotte Herring

Charlotte is a smart girl who loves to learn. She is sweet and an out of the box thinker. She says what she believes in and does not seemed bothered if others do not agree. She loves herself and who she is.

Teacher: Anise Cromer-Reed

Student: Amiya Fitch

I am recognizing Amiya Fitch for her individuality. Amiya is very outspoken. She isn't afraid to share ideas or participate in class. She always answers with so much confidence. Amiya loves to be on camera when she answer questions. Amiya is a beautiful student (inside and out) with a wonderful disposition. I am so happy that she is a student in my class.

Teacher: Janniche Christensen

Student: Donovan Mansaray

This student has done an excellent job moving from another teacher's room into mine for 2nd semester. He is not scared to be an active participant and is always on his Mic and chat. He also helps his peers when they put questions in chat. Donovan is one of my hardest working students and is always applying himself in everything he does.

Teacher: Alexandria Stephens

Student: Jhaudori Smith-Moorer

Jhaudori has shown individuality by her contagious excitement for learning each day in Social Studies. Jhaudori's individuality is shown when she is on the microphone or on webcam getting everyone excited for class or reading with enthusiasm.

Teacher: Jessica Cox

Student: Cheyanne Young

Cheyanne always participates in class. She takes ownership of her learning. She participates and shares and isn't afraid to make mistakes. She is a hard worker. She displays many aspects of individuality and is a very special girl! :)

Teacher: Amy Brady

Student: Al-Nisa Muhammad

Al-Nisa is not afraid to express her opinions or speak her mind in class. She loves to add additional information to the less that she feels is pertinent. She is always active and asking questions in addition to what we are learning or ask if we are going to learn about "__________" whatever comes to mind.

Teacher: Michelle Davis

Student: Anubis Seifullah-Bey

Anubis is very outspoken and always poses interesting questions in Science class. He is very smart and creative. His unique personality and inquisitive mind are exemplary of this month's character education trait.

Teacher: Jana Kishishita

Student: Naomee Luke

Naomee enjoys expressing her opinions and thoughts in class by using the camera and mic. She also likes to express herself with her many different hats and items she shows our class before/after the class session!

Teacher: Barry Taylor

Student: Jasmine Marlow

Jasmine is a shinning star. Always so excited to learn and begging for more. She takes everything to the next level. She isn't scared to be her true self. Stars, drawing, reading, it all! She takes pride in being herself and it shines through her : )

Teacher: Christen Martin

Student: Victoria Mazzilli

When I think of Individuality, I think of Victoria. She loves to jump on the camera before class and talk with her classmates. She always has something to show them whether it's her paper and pencil for the day or her unicorn that she has next to her. She loves to stand out and be herself.

Teacher: Kari Ross

Student: Caitlin Strachan

She is very true to herself. She is unique and is not afraid to show it to everyone.

Teacher: Emily Williams

Student: Royce Reid

Royce has a serious passion for trains and is not afraid to show it! He loves to share on camera his favorites and also things he has related to trains. He has a passion and feels comfortable in class showing what he loves. I love his confidence to show his individuality!

Teacher: Shannon Veselsky

Student: Robert Webb

This student is always eager to participate and brave to grab the mic first and share work.

Teacher: Kimberly Kea

Student: JD

JD is his own person. He loves to share his animals, drawings, work to the class. He offers to be a class leader by explaining problems and working through difficult problems even if it means getting one wrong. He takes risks and is okay with failing but he keeps trying. I appreciate his strength in knowing who he is and helping others to be who they are as well. He is also very encouraging, a very polite young man.

Teacher: Childree, Tammy

Student: Kinsley Maddox

Kinsley is very much her own person. She has her own sense of style and even came to class dressed like a cat.

Teacher: Kara Bridgers

Student: Mira Dunn

Mira is very engaged in Science class and always tries her best. She is a super bright student and I'm so glad she's in my class!

Teacher: Scott Anderson

Student: Destiny Scott

Destiny, always has a positive unique personality towards myself and they other students.

Teacher: Amy Gilleland

Student: Nevaeh Carter

Nevaeh is a very sweet, smart girl. She expresses her individuality well. Nevaeh is quick witted and has a unique sense of humor. For example, one day were studying context clues, and the passages were about sharks. There even pictures. Nevaeh sent a message in the chat box that said, "Miss Amy, just in case I pass out, I want you to know I love you!" :) She is always making us laugh!

Teacher: Amanda Shelley

Student: DeAsia Ward

DeAsia show individuality in her ELA class and likes to share her art. She is a great student and really participates alot!

Teacher: Lisa Clements

Student: Halo Torres

This student portrays the character of individuality because when I saw this trait, I thought of Halo right off. She comes to class bold and ready to learn.

Teacher: Patricia Martin

Student: Emina Vatres

Emina thinks for herself. She won't put in an answer in the chat box just because someone put in a wrong answer. Many students will follow suit, but not Emina. She thinks for herself and makes sure she can verify her answer. She is an asset to math class.

Teacher: Adrienne Grant

Student: Nevaeh Wilga

Nevaeh is always going the extra mile in class! She is very polite to me and her classmates. She also enjoys class participation and gets on camera with a smile.

Teacher: Andrea Yingling

Student: David Heath

He expresses his interest in class in the science topic with honesty and tries to participate on webcam and the microphone without worrying about what others think or believe. He asks questions and tries out some of his own ideas sometimes about the science topic.

Teacher: Jennifer Tuck

Student: Ariel Collins

Ariel displays individuality on daily by not following what her peers may be doing or the norm. She is comfortable being her self, answering and asking questions no matter what.

Teacher: Rachel Kuglin

Student: Royce Reid

Royce is an excellent Social Studies student. He is always showing his individuality by being brave and answering all questions throughout class. He is a strong student and really helps to lead his peers!

Teacher: Erin Clark

Student: Abdullah Dent

Abdullah is not afraid to stand out and participate in class. He is always positive during class and encouraging to other students. He comes to class ready to work with a smile on his face.

Teacher: Jessica Lee Smith

Student: Giovanni Wilson

Giovanni has an amazing, outgoing personality. He keeps me laughing in class and I know the other students feel the same. I hope he always keeps that sense of humor! He is such a joy to have in class :)

Teacher: Kimberly McNair

Student: Lydia Vargas

Lydia is a sweet young lady who loves to get on the camera on show her cosplay masks and costumes that she designs herself. Our agreement is that when she has her work complete, she gets on camera to show her designs. She is not afraid of being who she is and she loves to show off her designs.

Teacher: Machel Shaw

Student: Bristol Cole

Bristol is a student that loves to explore and discover things in the environment. She is not afraid to share things with me or the class that she has noticed or experienced when it comes to science. She occasionally sends me pictures of interesting things she has found around her house. Most recently she shared a Cane Toad.

Teacher: Victoria Kelley

Student: Haley Bivins

Haley is an exceptional student!! She is always working on her own and she is independent in her learning. I love how confident she is and she will approach a task and complete it in math. She has many wonderful characteristics and truly shows that she can work hard and achieve her goals.

Teacher: Leteshia Weaver

Student: Thomas Duncan

Thomas continues to stand out and be an individual by always participating in class when other students are not. He is quick to correct his mistakes as well and puts his best foot forward!

Teacher: Lisa Bynum

Student: Gemani Smith

Gemani shows her own individual strengths by always being willing and eager to participate in class using her mic, webcam chanbox and polling tools.

Teacher: Kelly Wood

Student: Javario Bradley

Javario does a great job with participating in Social Studies class. He is always on task and interested in all topics that we cover in American History. He is always willing to ask questions to extend his learning and contributes with knowledge that he already knows about the topic. Keep up the good work, Javario!

Teacher: Julie Ross

Student: Kaylee Yarber

Kaylee is always very kind and quick to assist any other students with anything at all. She also asks if I need any help with anything. She's a great student.

Teacher: Joanna Schornhorst

Student: Sabrina Johnson

Sabrina is always keeping us laughing. She has a big personality that comes through in every class. She is always engaged in our lesson, even when exercising!

Teacher: Gena Smith

Student: Jacob Hunter

He is always his own person and he takes his school and assignments on as his responsibility and does what is expected. His my rarely has to follow behind him.

Teacher: Pamela Freed & Amy Blanchard

Student: Muhammed Motala

Muhammed is always alert and participating in ELA class. He is on camera and answers questions in the chat and on the microphone. He is paying attention and always on point with his contributions to the class. I love 'hearing his voice' in the writing assignments he completes for us. His personality shines through every day.

Teacher: Megan Hand

Student: Sabrina Johnson

Sabrina is apologetically herself! She is a ray of sunshine and is always proud of her AND her mom!

Teacher: Octavia Rowe

Student: Robert

Robert or aka Trey is a wonderful student. In class he showed individuality by sharing his screen and teaching his classmates about protoming the common good from our Social Studies lesson. He helped his classmates with the conent by explaining the rational as to why he chose his answers. When students asked questions he knew the answers, it was great! Trey you rock!!

Teacher: Gabriela Lopez

Student: Morgan Broome

Morgan has a unique personality and is comfortable being himself in class. His creativity and way of thinking are so astonishing, I have no doubt that one day he will make a difference in this world!

Teacher: Sharon Crossman

Student: Teia Trieschman

Teia is a curious and eager learner. She is always willing to try new things and step outside the box.

Teacher: Jessica Beaverson

Student: Gabriel Vitone

Gabriel is so unique and not afraid to express his individuality! He is constantly suggesting new music for our class warm up time and I appreciate how his suggestions are so different from what I would normally choose. He is funny and brings a smile to my face almost every day. I love when he hops on the webcam to share something with us at the end of class. Keep being awesome, Gabriel!

Teacher: Alison Dye

Student: Sullivan Jacob

Jacob isn't afraid to be himself! He will even tell you, he believes in himself!

Teacher: Jill Newkirk

Student: Iyla Cummings

Iyla is a sweet girl that embraces learning in her own unique way. She is quick to share her thinking with her class mates. She is also not afraid to say, "Hold on, I'm thinking." when she is searching for words to express her thoughts. Iyla is creative and adventurous! She is a true example of the character trait "Individuality."

Teacher: Sunshine Downs

Student: Jasmine Marlow

Jasmine takes the initiative to draw pictures to provide illustrations for her classmates of the concepts we are learning in class. She has a great personality, participates often in class, and completes all of her assignments on time.

Teacher: Learell Faulk

Student: Trenton Garcia

Trenton is well engaged, participates in class, shares his thoughts, and is an all-around great addition to our learning environment.

Teacher: Shannon Hyacinth

Student: Ella Lansing

Ella demonstrates her individuality by coming up with unique solutions to accommodate her deficits which allow her to be fully particiatory in class. She is honest, strait-forward, and unafraid to face her challenges.

Note: If your name is not listed here, be encouraged and keep trying! You're wonderful too!

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