Groups experiencing health inequities

Nature and extent of health inequities

  • Decreased life expectancy (gap reducing)
  • Higher infant mortality (gap reducing)
  • Higher fertility rate
  • Self assess health as lower
  • Death rates are almost twice that of non-indigenous (gap reducing)
  • Circulatory conditions, cancer and suicide, falls, transport and assaults are the most common cause of mortality
  • Vision problems, respiratory disease (incl. asthma), hearing problems, circulatory disease and diabetes common cause of morbidity
  • More likely to smoke, require assistance, drink, not eat fruit or vegetables and not exercise
  • Less likely to use health care services
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Health determinants

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Role of Individuals, Communities and Governments

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An intersectoral approach engages community groups and individuals through developing partnerships with Government strategies. Engaging with the indigenous community and indigenous health organisations helps provide culturally accepted health promotion.