Mrs. Bill's School Family News

September 11, 2015

Important Dates

Friday, September 11th- Student 1/2 day, dismissal at 12:01

Monday, September 14th- Library

Friday, September 25th- Grandparent's Day (see details below)


  • Don't forget to practice sight words daily! I have some friends that know them cold and some that appear to have never seen the words. =) It's their only homework right now so please try to make this a nightly routine! If you need ideas how to practice I'm happy to share!
  • Our sight words for this week are; look, see, my, a, can, at, on, I, we, are, go
  • Review letters and sounds daily. All kindergarten children can benefit from this. I will be in touch later this week with parents who have children that really need extended practice as I am assessing them this week on letters and sounds. A good way to deepen this activity for children that are more comfortable with quickly knowing letters and sounds is to use varied fonts as our world is full of text and many times the letters are not all formed the same way.
  • practice writing first AND last name using correct upper case and lowercase letters.
  • Read to your child every day! See picture below with some great reading tips!
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Academic Highlights


We learned about counting with one to one correspondence and writing our numbers correctly. We are learning to play math games with dice to practice our one to one correspondence. We have talked about patterns and more than and less than within #'s 1-6. We have had a blast learning about sorting! we have sorted and sorted and sorted! They are ready to help with the laundry! Next up...shapes

Language Arts-

In language arts we are focusing on the alphabet; what the letters look like, sound like and how they come together to make words. We are starting to work on using picture clues and first letter sounds to make good guesses about our stories. We have also learned the parts of a book and have started talking about what authors do.


We are well into writer's workshop. They now all have their own writing folder where they house their precious writing. Each child writes every day and we are working on "what can I write about". We do lots of sharing and brainstorming. I love hearing about all the fun things you and your family do! I am excited to be a part of your kiddos becoming authors!

Social Studies and Science-

This week in social studies we have continued to focus on Thorpe Creek's high five behavior expectations. We are practicing; sharing, taking turns, accepting when we don't win and using our kind words to solve problems. All of these skills will help us to continue to come together as a school family.

Notes from the teacher

It has been a great start to school here in kindergarten! Thank you for sharing your children with me! Here are a couple things I would like you to be aware of:

  • Please clean out your student's folder each evening, please sign their behavior chart leaving their behavior calendar in the back pocket.

  • Morning work will come home most days. If it is unfinished your student may complete it at home.

  • Below is the link to the criminal background check and Anti- Bullying training. It must be complete before you come into school to volunteer or have lunch with your student.

  • Student book fees can now available on Skyward. All payment is due by September 15th.

What to ask?

Have a kiddo that is reluctant to talk about what they did at school all day? Here are a couple questions to get the conversation rolling;

* Can you tell me what it means to "sort" something? Can you show me something that is sorted?

* What was your favorite book Mrs. Bill read to you today or this week, what was it about?

* What is a pattern, can you show me one?

Dinner with the Kindergarten Teachers! Come join us!

Dine to Donate- Sept. 23

Please join us for a special fundraising event featuring the Kindergarten teachers!

25% of your purchase will be donated back to our group!

Flyer must be presented at time of order to receive credit for the sale. Look for flyer in your child's folders the week of the event.

City Barbecue Fishers

9367 Ambleside Dr. Fishers, IN 46038

Good all day on Dine in & Carry out Orders. Our teachers will be there from 5-7pm to visit with TCE families.

Note from City BBQ: If ordering carry out for large groups, please use our Pig Up ‘n Go Menu. Menus are on-line.

Student Directory Information:

The online school directory is now available to all families in Skyward. This year the directory is based on an opt-in model. Families must choose to show their contact information in order to be visible in the directory.

To opt-in, click on "My Account" in the upper right corner of your Family Access account. From there, check the boxes for the information you wish to make visible under the School Directory section and then Save. Families can make changes to this section anytime throughout the school year.

Discovery News

Hello wonderful parents! This is Mrs. Foust with our news from Discovery. This week our rhyme was, “London Bridge.” Students participated in making bridges from various building materials and making their own ABC Bridge. For Social Skills, we discussed the importance of asking for help from others or a teacher when we get stuck. Ask your child to model the Think, Turn, Tell activity that we practiced in class. Next week we will investigate the “3 Little Kittens” rhyme.