Foods of Europe

Foods of Northern, Southern, and Western Europe

Western Europe

Fact: Western Europe has a history for very popular cities such as Paris and Rome.

Fact: The countries in Western Europe are: France, Spain, Belgium, Austria, Netherlands, and Portugal.

Food and Origin: Italian Potato salad. The recipe Italian Potato salad really came from Germany.

Northern Europe

Fact: Before the 19th century, the term 'Nordic' or 'Northern' was commonly used to mean Northern Europe in a sense that included the Nordic countries, European Russia, the Baltic countries (at that time Livonia and Cortland) and Greenland.

Countries: Iceland, the Faroe Islands, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and the British Isles.

Food and Origin: Biscotti Toscani. The Origin of the Biscotti Toscani originated in Tuscany

Southern Europe

Fact: in 2006 the population is about 167 million people.

Countries: Portugal, Spain, Italy, and Greece

Food: Southern European Couscous Salad