McDonald's Happy Meal



This advertisement is specifically designed for children and some cool techniques they used are the age appropriate Minions characters to fascinate, impress and incline children to eat their sweet delicious apples and drink fresh natural milk with extra Vitamin A and D added. The advertisement will encourage children to eat apples and drink milk because of the Minions. Children will come back every time because of the wonderful toy they receive in their happy meal. Children also like to imitate their favorite characters because they think that Minions exist.

Do you agree with their strategy?

Yes, I do agree with their strategy because most children are fond of the Minions and they would do anything they see the Minions doing in advertisements so that's why they chose the Minions (children's favorite characters).

How would you create an ad for this project? What would you do differently?

I would add a balanced combination of children's favorite character, music and food to make it a super favorite advertisement which will be liked by both children and parents. Instead of Minions, I would add My Little Pony and I would give a 2 in 1 pony-shaped bottle containing bubbles. Another thing I can give is My Little Pony glitter pens. For the food, I would give yogurt and orange juice. Also, I will change the box into a pink pony-shaped box.

Despicable Me 2 McDonalds Happy Meal Commercial with the Minions