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capital of Isreal

Jerusalem, a Middle Eastern city west of the Dead Sea, has been a place of pilgrimage and worship for Jews, Christians and Muslims since the biblical era.
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The flag of Israel

The flag if Israel is a star but I am going to tell the origin behind the Israel flag.The blue stripes are intended to symbolize the stripes on a tallit, the traditional Jewish prayer shawl. The portrayal of a Star of David on the flag of the State of Israel is a widely acknowledged symbol of the Jewish people and of Judaism


what countries surround Israel and what continet Israel is in.

Israel is in the continent is in Asia. The countries Israel's borders are with Egypt and Jordan have now been formally recognized and confirmed as part of the peace treaties with those countries, and with Lebanon as part of the 1949 Armistice Agreements. The borders with Syria and the Palestinian territories are still in dispute.

The major landforms of Israel

The major landforms are fertile (and mostly flat) coastal plain fronts the Mediterranean Sea coastline; rolling hills dissect the country, including the central Samarian hills and the mountains and hills of Galilee in the north; the Great Rift Valley runs south to the Gulf of Aqaba along its southern border with Jordan, and the Negev Desert ...

major landmarks/bodies of water of Israel

Dome of the Rock,The Western Wall,Church of the Holy Sepulcher,Mount of Olives,Masada.

Sea of Gallilee, The river of Jordan.

HEI of Israel

The environment in Israel is pretty rough because there's battle/war's going on over there between the Israelites and the Muslims. When the Israelites and the Muslims were being a community together the Muslims were attacking the neighborhood and the Israelites fought back but didn't won because they were throwing rocks. The human environment Interaction there isn't so friendly now until they settle it once and for all.


Parliamentary system

parliamentary system is the government Israel has to bring order to Israel.

Reuven Rivlin

Reuven Rivlin is leader of Israel to lead the people of Israel to piece.

How do leaders get elected

How leaders are elected is a little bit complicated. So how they do it is every 4 years a new leader is elected, but they hold a multi-party seating ,but to be part of the election and you have to 18+.


Is Israeel a rich or poor country

Israel lacks natural resources but has human capital that it draws upon. Mainly, Israel has a lot of industrial services that it provides, such as technological and medical. They do make use of the land somewhat, especially the agricultural advances they have produced (Israelis are basically responsible for modern drip irrigation) as well as in the spiritual properties which draw in tourism to help the economy, but that's only a fraction. Israelis are also stubborn businessmen and women who get good deals and contracts. Israel just uses its brain power to get money - and it's that way that they establish their higher GDP.

So they kind of a rich company by using brain power.

What kind of money do they use/have

Shekels are Israeli currency. The rate of exchange for dollars to shekles is about 4 shekels to a dollar, but this exchange rate varries from day to day.

What is their main import or export?

The top export for Israel is "Packaged Medicaments".

major imports include crude oil, grains, raw materials, and military equipment..

Identify the life expectancy, birth rate, literacy rate, and the drinking water source

Life expectancy: 81.70 years

Birth rate: 21.5 births/1,000 population

Literacy rate: Literacy rate{all}

Drinking water source: Waster only falls whenever winter comes around or a chance for it to rain in the northern part of the country so that's mostly a water source for them.


• Traditional & Modern Clothing – what do people there wear?

The citizens of Israel wear modestly cloths in different part of Jerusalem. So they were like pants and a t- shirt or other nice modernly.

Major languages that are spoken in Israel

The main languages used for communication among Israeli citizens are Modern Hebrew and Arabic, while English, second language of the majority of the Israeli population, is used widely in official logos, road signs and product labels.

What music does Iraelites listen to

The music of Israel is a combination of Jewish and non-Jewish music traditions that have come together over the course of a century to create a distinctive musical culture. For almost 150 years, musicians have sought original stylistic elements that would define the emerging national spirit.[1] In addition to creating an Israeli style and sound, Israel's musicians have made significant contributions to classical, jazz, pop rock and other international music genres. Since the 1970s, there has been a flowering of musical diversity, with Israeli rock, folk and jazz musicians creating and performing extensively, both locally and abroad.
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What is the main region of Israel

The geography of Israel is very diverse, with desert conditions in the south, and snow-capped mountains in the north. Israel is located at


31°30′N 34°45′E / 31.500°N 34.750°E / 31.500; 34.750 at the eastern end of the Mediterranean Sea in western Asia.[1] It is bounded to the north by Lebanon, the northeast by Syria, the east by Jordan and the West Bank, and to the southwest by Egypt.[1] To the west of Israel is the Mediterranean Sea, which makes up the majority of Israel's 273 km (170 mi) coastline[3] and the Gaza Strip. Israel has a small coastline on the Red Sea in the south.

What type of food Israel eates

Israel eats like really good look-in food and looks fancy and is tasty and the ingredients are like other kind of really good foods we make on our dish.
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What do Israelites do in their free time

According to the compiled figures, which relate to 2011, 24% of the population over the age of 20 participate in classes or courses not for the purpose of professional training. Men attend classes at lower rates than women – 20% compared to 28%


What the general weather conditions in Israel

While planning for your trip to Israel the following weather information and packing guidelines will be very helpful. As experts in travel to Israel and as a full service travel agency we have gathered pertinent weather information that will help you pack for your trip with ease. Because we offer tours to Israel as well as the world we have included interactive as well as charted weather/temperature details for Israel. Whether you are planning a Jewish Heritage

What is the average yearly rainfall in Israel

The climate of Israel is typically Mediterranean. It has long, hot and dry summers. This is followed by short, cool, warm and wet winters. Israel has heavy rainstorms that usually begin in November and end in March. Snow is possible in winter but only inland on high ground.

What is the average yearly temperture

July is the hottest month in Tel Aviv with an average temperature of 26°C (79°F) and the coldest is January at 13°C (55°F) with the most daily sunshine hours at 13 in July. The wettest month is January with an average of 110mm of rain.

what affect the climate on the country

Climate change affects everyone, but its effects are felt most by the world’s poorest and most marginalised communities, who live in regions that are susceptible to changes in the climate and whose livelihoods are dependent on natural resources – for example drought-prone sub-Saharan Africa, or in marginal areas such as floodplains or unstable hillsides.


provide 2 examples of historical events

Israel went to war with the Muslims for more land and this thing still went on