Mrs. Grant's Kindergarten

August 26-30

I Love Smore

I get excited to write out our happenings on smore, so from now on, I will post a link on the share site about our week. Pictures and daily updates will still be posted on the share site. Quick reminders and last minutes changes will be emailed from my HSE account. Clear as mud, right?!

Readers Workshop

Thank you for bringing our book boxes back on Wednesday. By Friday, our book box was full of books at our level. This week we talked about how good readers whisper read the whole time, the three different ways to read a book (look at the pictures, read the word, and retell the story), and how to read with our reading buddy. During our shared reading time we read The Carrot Seed and pulled the sight words the, come, and up out of the book. They are now posted on our word wall called 'words we see everyday'. On Friday we made our own carrot in order to practice a story retell. I just gave the kids brown, orange, and green paper and what they brought home on Friday is what they made- what creativity! Hopefully they practiced retelling the story with you this weekend. Our shared reading book next week will be Brown Bear, Brown Bear What Do You See?

Writers Workshop

We now have writing partners and are in the full swing of writers workshop. We know where to get new books, where our folders go, how to use our ABC chart to look up sounds, and the parts of a book. Next week we will be working on not being afraid of words, stretching out words, and making sure our pictures match our words.

Word Work

We have been practicing writing our friends' names on our white boards, in addition to one letter a day. We talk about the proper formation, sound, and words that start with that letter. Each day we are practicing writing our name with first letter uppercase the rest lowercase, so see if it is sticking and have them write their name this weekend!

Math Workshop

We are moving and grooving in Math Workshop. We have started our math journal and our math stations. This week we learned about graphs, specifically bar graphs and pie graphs. We talked about how graphs are the next step to organizing our sorting into categories. We graphed favorite pets, foods, and color. The graphs are posted in our classroom. Next week we will be starting our number work. Our math stations are: math books (looking at math books), math writing (writing our numbers), math games (card game focusing on sorting), and making math (sorting buttons).

Project Learning

We worked on some color mixing projects this week. With our learning club (our table) we experimented mixing primary colors with Q tips. We made sure to try out the primary color combinations. Our paintings were glued inside our science notebook. On Thursday, we had an amazing color mixing experiment that I posted pictures of on the share site. If anything, we loved seeing how the paper towel absorbed liquid. On Friday, our book buddies came down to help us write about our experiment. We answered questions about our experiment and our book buddies wrote it for us in our notebooks. It worked and I was able to see who grasped the whole concept! Our science words were observe, prediction, test, result, and absorb.

Other Happenings this week

Color words - we have officially learned all of our color words and will be moving on to other word work activities.

Behavior - Our behavior has gotten a lot better this week but keep having pep talks about doing the right thing, and treating people right!

What to know about next week

No School- Monday

Thursday - Library

Friday- Book Buddies and Mrs. Grant taking Friday afternoon off