Preschool House Newsletter


Happy Holidays!

Hi everyone. Hope everything at your house is starting to look merry and bright. Here at preschool it's like a Christmas explosion, but hey, that's half the fun of preschool- getting to celebrate every holiday to the max. It's a funny time between Thanksgiving and Christmas. During Thanksgiving break it almost seems like they forget EVERYTHING they've learned over the last three months, then we spend the next three weeks trying to drill it all back in again, and then, just like that, it's Christmas break. Somewhere around late February we get back to where we were before Thanksgiving :) Happens every year. Oh well. We'll fill in the time decking the halls and trimming the tree, and really, is there anything better than that?

Merry Christmas to you and yours

Preschool Christmas Party

The last day of preschool before Christmas break (Dec 18th and 19th) parents and whomever else wants to come along are invited to our class for the last 30 minutes to see us perform a few Christmas songs and a short Christmas play. We're pretty jazzed about what we keep calling "The Big Show". I'll be recording the whole adorable event and sending out the video for everyone afterwards if someone isn't able to make it. Hope to see you there!

Holiday Break

No school from December 22 through January 2nd. See you all back on January 5th or 6th (I'll be sending home payment envelopes and snack calendars those days too)

And Here's The Pictures...

Quick note, I got a new phone a few days ago, and without thinking forgot to transfer over my pictures that I hadn't saved yet. November preschool pictures are lost forever. Here's a few that I took the first week of December to make up for it.