By: Madilyn Northey


Have you ever thought about going to Washington? If you have this might convince you to go. Washington has a population of 6,971,406 and it has 71303.0 square miles.Its capital is Olympia .That's not all so keep on reading!


I would like to go to Washington for for many reasons.The first is that it sounds interesting.Second, their is a lot of stuff to do there like, activities or learning the weather.Third ,it is bigger


Here are some facts that you may think are interesting. They are, Washington’s state tree is the Western Henlock. Next,Washington has the only state flag that is green.And Finally, Washington is the only state that is named after a U.S president.


Now, I want to tell you about some of the culture in Washington. People in Washington eat baked apples.Yum! Some people think of rain when they think of Washington because it rains a lot in Washington. The green state flag has a picture of Goerge Washington on it.


In the future I hope to go to Washington. I mite get a chance to eat a baked apple in Washington.And I can not wait.And to see the flag! And do some interesting stuff there. When I travel there I hope to learn more!