People of the American Revolution

Haym Solomon and King George III

What was the American Revolution???

The American Revolution was when the Original 13 Colonies were trying to get independence from England because King George III was limiting them to what they could and could not do.

King George III.. Good or Evil?

George was born May 24th, 1738. After his Dad died, he became King. Around that time, they discovered the 13 colonies in America.The colonists (those who decided to move to America) began to make money and trade with England and Africa.King didnt like the fact they did that so he told them not to anymore, and to just trade with England.Colonists didnt think they should still be bossed around by someone in another country.Therefore, colonists smuggled.Which means that they would try to hide something, but also try to get it from one place to another.When King found out, he began to tax them on goods. For example, stamps, fruit, wine, tea, and more.The colonists were so mad that they decided to rebell! They dumped the Tea into the Harbor. This was know as the Tea Party. After finding out, George had enough to where he wanted to go to war. The first war was called "Battle of Lexington and Concord". Next, "Battle of Bunker Hill". Then, "Battle of Saratoga". After that, "Valley Forge". Lastly, "Battle of Yorktown".

Haym Solomon....Who was he? By:Daniel Martinez

Solomon was born in the year 1740 in Poland. He was a Jewish immigrant that immigrated to New York(Sheldon). While he there the Declaration of Independence was being signed in Philadelphia and he got to live through the American Revolution(Lancaster). During that time period Haym was was the Official Broker to the Office of Finance. Solomon was also a member of the American espionage ring and a member of New York's Sons of Liberty in which they participated in the Boston Tea Party(Phillips). What made this man important to the American Revolution is that he donated $200,000 of his own money (which would be around five million in today's economy) to George Washington's army when Congress couldn't. When he died, he died poor(Publishers Weekly).
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King George III

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