Tracking your mandatory CPD hours to meet AHPRA requirements

CPD Portfolio Tracking software that is simple and easy to use

All Ears Communication offers personalised electronic tracking software for all of your CPD activities. At the end of the reporting period, you can print and bind your Learning Plan, Logs and Journals to form a CPD Portfolio that meets the Psychology Board of Australia Registration Standards. The excel-based tracking software automatically calculates and tracks your mandatory hours for Peer Consultation, Peer Consultation (focused on your own practice), as well as your Active PD, and General PD.

Record your reflections in the Journal Pages

Each entry in the portfolio is linked to its own Journal page, to encourage you to fill in your reflections as you go. The CPD Portfolio excel-based tracking software is available offline from a USB drive (no internet connection needed to log your time), and can also be loaded onto your new iPad using 'Excel for iPad'.


To order or request more information on how to create your CPD Portfolio, please email allearscommunication@gmail.com with 'CPD Portfolio' in the subject line. This personalised CPD Portfolio tracking software is suitable for AHPRA reporting standards, and is valued at $49.95.