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Hey there! How are you doing, Your Royal Awesomeness? We trust you are doing great. Wait, what? School work seems too much? Hey, we are here now, and we are here for you. Yes...you.

Look up. What do you see? If you are outside, you might be looking at the skies. If you are in class or in your room right now, I suggest you get out RGHT NOW and go outside and look up. Unles you are in a lecture, that is. In that case, sit down and listen (what are you doing reading your mail while class is going on anyway?). We take your academic goals very seriously.

So, for those of us who have looked up and have seen the skies, I've got great news for you. People say 'the sky is the limit'. For us here in L.A.B., it is the starting point. We have a whole Galaxy to explore people...a Galaxy filled with Opportunities.

As a result, we are greatly pleased to let you know that we, the League of Air Benders (L.A.B.) are now live and present in the University of East London, Stratford Campus. Totally committed to you, we are here to embark on a journey that will take us to and through places you never knew you could go.

We hereby invite you for our maiden meeting on the Stratford Campus in Room C.C.G. 06 this Thursday, from 7-9pm. Come with your friends; it will be fun. We can hardly wait...

So, welcome aboard, Your Royal Awesomeness...


Thursday, Feb. 20th, 7-9pm

Water Ln

University of East London, Stratford Campus, Room C.C.G.06