Immigration in the States

Becoming a American hard is it?

The basics

People migrant for many different reasons it might be they want religious freedom, better education and better jobs so they can live better. Mexicans are mainly the ones who migrant because of political issues (migrationpolicy). Another large group of immigrants are from the Middle East, they migrant because of terrorist groups. When people go through all the custody they receive a green card. The government only makes so many green cards so some people might not receive one. A green card is a item that a immigrant can receive and it allows them to go to college, get a job have insurance

Extra Facts

The Mexican American boarder is 670 miles long which is only one third done (

More then 10 million immigrants in the U.S. are undocumented (

A H-1B visa is a work visa that allows immigrants to work (

Early Muslim immigrants came from slavery and could have been in the year 1501 (

17.4 million children under 18 have at least one immigrated parent (

Department of State handed out 9,164,349 non-immigrant visas. (