October Students of the Month

McCord Middle School

Student of the Month Description

Each month McCord Middle School staff will recognize at least four students that exemplify characteristics from our Middle School Learners Profile that was created by a committee of community members, administrators, students and staff members. Below you will find our October Student of the Month winners. Other nominees are also recognized.
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Student of the Month Winners

Wesley Banachowski

Solution Seeker of the Month nominated by Mr. Pierce.

Wesley went above and beyond in creating a game in Scratch. He showed an amazing ability to code and understand the process.

Amauri Williams

Resilient Learner of the Month nominated by Mrs. Crocker and Ms. Rush!

I am proud of Amauri for persevering through challenging circumstances! Giving a presentation in front of an entire class can be intimidating... especially when technology causes problems with your presentation. Not once, not twice, but three times. Despite the difficulties, Amauri had grace with himself and used the opportunity to grow in resiliency! Way to go, Amauri!

Amauri never gives up. Even when he starts to feel frustrated, he keeps going. Amauri is never satisfied with just finishing the assignment. He keeps working until he understands. Amauri is always willing to adapt and change how he is learning so that he can master the material.

Gia Pastore

Global Thinker of the Month nominated by Ms. Smullen.

Gia always asks questions to grow her learning and her understanding. She will ask how she can use and apply topics talked about in class in the real world. She will go above and beyond to take more notes and do further research to gain full comprehension. She is also a great listener, friend, and person!

Katya Elfaour

Kind and Empathetic Friend of the Month nominated by Ms. Robb.

Katya is always eager to help others. She is welcoming to everyone including new students. Her attitude is a model for those around her to follow and be inspired by. Katya always chooses kindness.

Other Nominees for October

Solution Seekers

Gabriel Exclusa- Gabe has a wonderful attitude. He is always ready to learn and is attentive. He grasps concepts quickly because of his focus and positivity. I am happy to have him in two classes during my day!

Phoebe Zimmerman- Phoebe is a solution seeker through and through. She sees challenges as obstacles to overcome rather than barriers to her growth. She asks the 'why' because she truly wants to know the reasoning behind an answer, not just the answer itself.

Resilient Learners

Claire Florea and Mallory Florea- Claire and Mallory are always ready to learn during French class and their French skills continue to growing each day!

Scarlet Stroud- Scarlet has been working hard this year in math. She participates in class discussions, completes her assignments and asks for help when needed. She has shown responsibility for her progress by frequently checking Schoology and Infinite Campus to make sure work has been completed and no assignments are missing. Awesome Job, Scarlet!

Kind Empathetic Friends

Michal Scott- Michal is incredibly sweet. She cares about others and is a helpful empathetic friend to everyone in the class.

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