South Oaks School

June 2019

Many Thanks!

What can we say after another busy year at South Oaks School? Perhaps the most suitable response is simply, "Thank-you". Thank-you for being on this education journey with us. As long as there have been schools with students, part of the "equation" has always been the parents and the community. Sometimes, there has been a massive and harmful divide between the school and the parent community, like we see in the Residential school history in Canada. Other times, the parent and school community works in harmony to improve life for kids.

I am encouraged by what I have experienced over the past few years at South Oaks. There are times when there are some challenging issues to face or some important decisions which must be made. At these times, I have seen parents and school staff come together to dialogue. The focus is usually, what is best for the children? That is the right focus and we always need to remind each other of that.

I am sometimes perplexed when parents hesitate to come and discuss their concerns with us. We are here for you and want to work together with our parent community. You are your child's first and greatest teacher! You have the closest attachment with your child and your child will need your permission to learn from our staff. You are the key to your child's attachment at the school. So, please know that we value our parents very much and welcome your feedback and your input into the education of your children.

Thanks for your graciousness when we make mistakes! The South Oaks staff members are some of the most competent professionals I have ever worked with. Yet, we are very human and we make mistakes sometimes. Thanks for understanding this and being patient when needed. On our staff, we talk about having "soft eyes" for each other. This basically means that we believe the best of each other, rather than criticizing and judging. I feel that many parents have soft eyes for us and show much kindness and respect towards our staff. Thank-you.

Thanks for dreaming with us, for supporting us and for working so hard to educate your children with us. We value your partnership and relationship more than you know. I hope you all have a great summer. We look forward to another great year next year. Take care.

Dale Martens


Dates to Remember - June Calendar

June 3 to 14 - Grade 2 Swimming Lessons @ Grunthal Pool

June 4 - Grade 4's to Goldeyes game

June 5 - Grade 4 to 5 Orientation Session @ Green Valley School - 6:50 - 8:30 pm

June 6 - Kick into Kindergarten @ 6:30 pm

June 6 - Grade 3's to Manitoba Museum

June 7 - Picnic food orders due

June 7 - Assembly @ 9:15 am

June 7 - Run, Jump and Throw - Grade 3 & 4 Students

June 13 - Grade 1's to Assiniboine Zoo

June 17 - Library closed and all library books should be returned by this date

June 18/19 - Kindergarten Bridging Days

June 19 - Grade 3's to Fort Whyte

June 19 - Grade 2's to MHV

June 20/21 - Kindergarten Field Trips to the Children's Museum

June 21 - Grade 4 Farewell Assembly @ 9:15 am. Final Citizenship awards given as well.

June 21 - Grade 4 Farewell Lunch (for students only)

June 26 - South Oaks School Picnic in the PM. Picnic lunch at noon.

June 27/28 - Administration Days - No Classes

- Report Cards go out June 28th in PM

Grade Two Swim Program

A letter has gone out to the parents of grade two students regarding the Hanover School Division swim program at South Oaks. This year lessons will be held at the Grunthal Centennial Pool on weekdays starting Monday June 3rd till Friday, June 14th. Parents are reminded that Hanover School Division will once again be covering the $70 cost for the lessons, so parents need not send any money. We are very grateful that the Division enables the development of students' swimming and water safety skills in this way. Students will be shuttled back and forth from South Oaks to the pool by bus each of the weekdays. Both male and female volunteers are needed, so please contact the grade two teachers of the respective classrooms if you are interested. Those parents who wish to observe the lessons are welcome to do so from outside of the pool area. Thanks for your involvement and cooperation.
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Report Cards

This year final student report cards will be posted on Parent Portal on Friday, June 28th in the late afternoon. For those parents who have not signed up for electronic report cards, paper copies will be mailed June 28th as well. We encourage you to sign up for your Parent Portal account if you haven't already done so.

Thanks to our Grade 4 helpers!

We just want to say a huge "Thank-you" to our grade 4 students for helping with lunch monitoring and bus captain duties this year. Your leadership in our school is appreciated. We will celebrate (and say farewell) with a special lunch for you on June 16. Thanks again for all your work this year.

Thanks to Our Parent Volunteers!

We just want say a big "Thanks" to all of the parent volunteers who helped in our classrooms this year. Your help is greatly appreciated. At our school, we don't have a designated special event for volunteers, with a program, etc. Instead, each teacher will prepare a small token of our appreciation and present it to the volunteers personally. You have demonstrated a personal touch in the way you work with the children, so we thought it would be best to thank you in a personal manner as well.

Are screens affecting your sleep?

Research suggests that our screen usage has an affect on our sleep quality. Check out the link below and read the research for yourself!

Grade Four ----- Five Transition

June is an exciting month for our grade four students as they anticipate moving over to Green Valley next year. At the school level a number of things are done to prepare students for this change, including the following:

1 The Green Valley Guidance Counselor comes over to South Oaks and shows a video about Green Valley School and answers students' questions.

2 An orientation evening at Green Valley for both parents and students on Wednesday, June 5th. At this event staff members are introduced, and students will receive a tour of the school in order to become familiar with the building. Invitations will be sent home for this event; it promises to be an informative evening, so be sure to make plans to attend.

3 Grade four students write letters to grade five students.

4 Grade five students respond to the grade four students' letters, and then the grade four students visit Green Valley during the school day.

Grade 5 Orientation at Green Valley School:

All grade 4 students and their parents are invited to Green Valley School on Wednesday, June 6th to attend the Grade 5 orientation evening. The event takes place in the GVS gym and students and parents will have an opportunity to meet the grade 5 teachers, see the classrooms, see various parts of the school and interact with high school volunteers. We feel this orientation is a valuable event in preparing students for their transition to GVS and encourage all grade 4 students and their parents to attend. The event runs from 6:50-8:30 pm.

Please call GVS at 204-434-6415 or email their school counsellor, Cam Gerbrandt, at to get more details.

Run, Jump and Throw Day - Updated Info on June 6 due to hot weather.

This year there will once again be a Run, Jump & Throw Day at South Oaks for grade 3 and 4 students, featuring a number of Track and Field - like events. It will be held on Friday, June 7th in the morning. Events will start at 10:00 am on the schoolyard as well as the soccer field just south of the school grounds. Our Physical Education teacher, along with the grade 3 & 4 teachers, will host the event.

Parents and spectators are welcome to come watch and cheer. Please remember to send your Grade 3 & 4 student in running shoes with either laces or good velcro. We do not have a rain date planned.

South Oaks School Picnic - Last Day of School!

When - Wednesday, June 26th, Rain or Shine

Where - South Oaks School, inside or outside


9:00 am - 12:00 pm Classes as usual

12:00 pm -1:00 pm Picnic lunch - food to be pre-ordered and picked up at stations.

1:00 pm - 3:00 pm Picnic Carnival Activities

Our picnic will again be on the last day of school this year. If the weather is good, most stations will be set up outside as they have in the past years. If it rains, however, they will be set up in the classrooms and elsewhere in the school. This could possibly make for a crowded and perhaps even semi-hectic few hours, but it will be an exciting event nonetheless, and a fun/crazy way to finish off the school year. We will probably set up the bouncers in the gym once again, as they worked very well last year and it also provides a break from the heat if needed.

Please check your child's school bag on Friday, June 15th for complete picnic details. The food order will be sent out May 31st and needs to be returned by Friday, June 7th. It is essential ALL orders are received on time.

Parents of Kindergarten students, please note that there will be regular classes for KR1 & KLW1 on the last day of school, with the students participating in the school picnic like the grade 1-4 students. Kindergarten students in KLW2 and KDR2, however, who would not normally have school on that day, are very welcome and especially invited to attend the Carnival in the afternoon, accompanied by a parent or chosen adult. For further information, please see the Kindergarten newsletter in this regard.

School Supplies for 2019-20

Last year, the grade 4 classes piloted a new way of providing school supplies for your kids. Parents provided the backpack, lunch kit and shoes along with a $30.00 fee for supplies. The teachers then went to do the shopping and were able to buy quality materials in bulk sizes. Since the feedback was very positive from the parents, we decided that we would do this with all grades next year.

So, more details will come in the fall, but there is no need to go out and buy school supplies as you have done in the past. We will do that for you this summer. You should just plan to have a backpack, shoes and lunch kit for your child next year. The $30.00 fee will be available for payment on your Parent Portal account in the fall.

South Oaks School Wear - coming in the Fall!

We are very proud to be part of the South Oaks School community. We hope you are too! To show our support, we will be offering a new line of pride wear for staff, students and parents, in the fall. We will send more details when school begins next year, about how you will be able to purchase a variety of quality clothing products from the South Oaks online store. Selections include t-shirts, jackets, caps, toques and more. We look forward to celebrating our school in this way next year!