Curriculum Highlights

Science Fun!

2nd grade engages in inquiry based learning...

Our second grade classes have been learning about our sun and the effects of sunlight on

different objects. We began our inquiry learning about different sun facts and used our

knowledge to engage in two different lab activities: Hawaii’s Warm Sun and Using the Warm Hawaii Sun. Through these activities, students were able to deepen their knowledge about our sun and how it can affect paper, water, ice, and different types of food. The second graders loved watching their gummy bears fuse together due to the warm sun's heat. We are excited to do more inquiry based learning throughout the year.

Life Cycles Explored

Our second graders did a fantastic job creating their life cycle projects. Each student picked a life cycle they were interested in learning more about, researched their life cycle, created a visual aide, and presented to their class. As our presentations have come to an end, students have engaged in a “science walk through” to see the projects of their fellow classmates. All classes rotated through to view the beautiful presentations of the other classes. It is truly amazing to see what the second graders produced!

STEAM: Integrating science and the arts

Our 4th graders engaged in a STEAM lesson exploring food webs. Students were introduced to various biomes and the organisms that live there. In small groups students created a food web with the organisms. Then created tableau (frozen pictures) expressing the balance and interdependence between the organisms. Students learned that organisms get energy from each other and that is how an environment stays balanced.

Students used their creativity and science vocab to construct tableau that made the 4th grade teachers say "wow!" It was great to witness the students having fun and learning important concepts together. Great job 4th grade!