Note-taking on the iPad

Will Never Be the Same

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What you need to play along...

Sketchnote Discovery

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Mike Rohde

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Sunni Brown: Doodlers, unite!

Sunni Brown

  • Twitter: @sunnibrown
  • Website:
  • Books: Gamestorming & The Doodle Revolution
  • Predictable evolution of drawing for children
  • Move people to higher levels of visual literacy
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Austin Kleon

  • Twitter: @austinkleon
  • Website:
  • Inspiration on creativity and sharing your work, even the messy stuff (especially)
  • Books: Show Your Work & How to Steal Like an Artist
A Sketchnote Primer

Brad Ovenell-Carter

  • Twitter: @braddo
  • Website:
  • Fantabulous Sketchnote Primer video
  • Inspiration on style of my sketchnotes
  • Sketchnotes with students
  • Focus on the thinking--always pushes my thinking!

"Sketchnotes are about ideas not art." Mike Rohde

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Sketchnotes are made up of...

  • Typography/text
  • Connectors, lines, arrows
  • Doodles
  • Shapes
  • Layouts


Why it works...

  • Multimodal learning
  • Retention
  • Make connections
  • Creativity
  • Quick & powerful reference
  • Support different learners

You Can Learn!

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Presentation Notes

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9. Student Possibilities

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