Gerner Cub News 4/27-5/1/15

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Library Media Position

As we were reviewing budget for the 2015-2016 school year, a decision was made not to fill the Library Media Assistant at Gerner. I have been building our partnership with Mid Continent Public Libraries - the Boardwalk and Parkville locations - and they want to be more involved at Gerner with coming in to read with the students and with community literacy events. They will continue to provide readers on a monthly basis through a sign-up and will be working with us on literacy Cub Connections meetings three times a year on Saturday mornings. We will also have two days a month where Janis will be reading to the students on a sign-up basis and will have a sub cover her for those days. Janis will help with the library check out, coding, etc. as part of that time. Additional duties will be absorbed with our administrative assistants.

One of the "deltas" I had with not replacing Mrs. Ledgerwood (she is irreplaceable, anyway!) was the potential loss of quality literature read to students on a consistent basis. To ensure that is not the case, the academic literacy cadre is pulling together titles that will be on the curriculum calendar for each month for classroom reading. The expectation and best practice is we should be reading to students from a physical book (not on the smart board) at least 3 times a day, based on early childhood research. Once informally (during interest areas) and once formally for a half day setting (Dickinson & Neuman 2006).

With the continued increase in rigor for our students and project based learning, this will allow for more time in the classroom for instruction.

Please contact Dr. Currey if you have any questions.

Resource: Dickinson, D.K. & S.B. Neuman. (2006). Handbook of Early Literacy Research (vol. 2). Guildford Press: New York.

Parent Reminders

Newsletters / Websites

Please make sure you have any parent nights and information on your classroom websites and/or in newsletters. Parents are much more likely to read what comes from the classroom teachers than the building newsletter.

Schedule of Events

Monday 4/27/15 ~ Jeans Day with Royals! (Angie on vacation)

Tuesday 4/28/15 ~ Gerner Autism Awareness Day; NO OVERHEAD ANNOUNCEMENTS!!! (Angie on vacation)

  • Donate $5.00 for Autism Awareness with jeans and autism t-shirt or blue; Turn in to the office for your sticker
  • Community Service Day ~ PHHS students in attendance 9-11 a.m.
  • ACT testing will be going on in the LL MPR all day. Due to the students involved with assessments, please make extra sure our students are using their Super Cub Expectations in the hallways.
  • 4:30 p.m. Chess Club in Upstairs MPR

Wednesday 4/29/15

1 p.m. ~ EOYC Practice (upstairs MPR)

Thursday 4/30/15

1 p.m. ~ EOYC Practice (upstairs MPR)

Friday 5/1/15

9:45-11:30 PAT Kindergarten Readiness ~ Angie presenting at Parkville MCPL