Reproductive Health

By: Jacob

Self-Breast Exam/ Mammograms

  • Used to detect breast cancer
  • Women would get Mammograms and men would do self-breast exams
  • Women should start getting them from 40-44 years of age
  • They would need to get them every 2 years

Pap Smear

  • Is a screening procedure for cervical cancer
  • Pap smear tests are only for women
  • Woman should get a pap smear from 21-65
  • They should get them every 3 years

Testicular Exams

  • Doctors usually give these but you can do it to yourself. You get them to make sure your testicles are properly developing
  • Men get these
  • Guys should get them from when they are very young to around 35, which is where the cancer can occur
  • Men should get them every year

Prostate Exam

  • Prostate exams check your prostate that protects sperm
  • Men get them
  • Men should get them at age 50
  • From ages 40 to 70