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Ms. Prestjohn's Newletter: Wk of 12/07/15


This week we are practicing perseverance along with math! Students will take their test this week on using all four operations with decimals. The earliest they will begin the test is Wednesday (odd Block day), but I will allow them to begin the test on Friday, if I see that they are not yet prepared. I am more focused on them mastering the skill than I am in collecting grades.

Speaking of grades, grades will end on Friday for the 2nd 9-week progress reporting period. Grades will finalize at the end of the day the following Monday. Please encourage your student to be aware of their grades in all classes and turn in any missing or late assignments as well as making sure all re-testing is complete by then.

Students continue to use TransMath and we should be able to add Think Through Math this week as an additional support.

Until next week...!

Table Conversations Starters:

This week, ask your student what he/she feels is their best strength in math. Ask them to give you examples of how they use that strength. Then, ask them what they believe is the biggest weakness in math and why. Follow that with asking what he/she would like to see to support him/her at home and in the math class with this weakness. All responses you would like to share with me will be welcomed!

Mark Your Calendar:

All week - Pajama Drive for Scottish Rite Hospital until Tuesday/Grinch Grams on sale during lunch on Monday and Tuesday

Regular tutoring hours: Mornings (8:15a-8:35a)/Afternoons (4:00p-4:15p), except

Wednesdays (my duty day)

Extended tutoring sessions: Monday and Tuesday from 4p-5p.

12/07/15 - Tutoring (4p-5p)

12/08/15 - Tutoring (4p-5p)

12/09/15 - Odd Block Day/Test

12/10/15 - Even Block Day

12/11/15 - TGIF!

Lesson Plans: Week of 12/07/15 - 12/11/15