France in christmas

By: Austin Hazard

merry christmas - joyeux noel

Christmas in France

Thirteen desserts, with different fruits, nuts,and pastries, there main dish is reveillon some more dishes may include roast turkey, buche de noel,chestnuts,roasted goose, “galette des rois”in French it means cake. They eat a cake on Christmas Eve.

Santa in France

The advent wreath is their main symbol for their Father Christmas, and they leave it out lit on. Father Christmas is named noel and they leave goodies for him at night.They decorate the tree with ornaments and they leave clay sculptures in a crib.

Santa in France

They do have a Santa. He dresses in black and goes to their houses in two nights. His name is Noel. He does enter thru the chimney and puts the presents under the tree.

Do they use a tree

They do have a Christmas tree and they decorate it. Their tree is called Sapin De Noel. They use a baby crib. Why, you ask? Because that is one of their christmas traditions. They put some little hand made statues in there too.

Christmas ornaments in France

They do hang ornaments on their trees. Traditionally they used apples to decorate their tree. Now however, they use red ornaments. Candles and red ribbons are a popular way to decorate.

Snow in France

It does snow in France. They play in it a lot and sometimes it can get very high.

There is always snow in the Mountain region on the Alps. Most visitors enjoy skiing.

They also build snowmen and enjoy go sledding.

Christmas Decorations in France

They do decorate their homes and towns. They even decorate the Eiffel Tower. They have a chocolate log. There is also a decoration called the advent wreath. This wreath is made of a fir tree and decorated with red ribbons and four white candles that represent the 4 sundays leading up to Christmas. Each candle is lit on its given sunday. They decorate with special flags throughout the city.

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