Lawyer Research Project

Billy Lee

Positions Within a Law Firm

One of the main keys on how to deal with a law firm is to know who is who. The primary service rendered by a law firm is to advise clients about their legal rights and responsiblities. The arrangement of a law firm depends on the jurisdiction in which they pratice. Sizes vary based on the amount of partnership is within a firm.

Structure of Law Firm

Attorneys manages the day to day operations of firm. They are held responsible in addition to maintain full time pratice. Partners also known as share holders are lawyers that are joint owners and operators of the law firm. There are Associates that control the law firms lawyers prospect of becomming partners. Of counsel is a group of attorneys who serve and are usually experienced senior lawyers who manages their own cases, usually working alone. Another worker in the firms are Summer Associates who are law students that intern with law firms. This is just a program that are used to recruit young talented lawyers into their law firms. This Associate is like a draft in other words.