3,000 Feet Above Sea level

Parker Fitzner

High Plains

The High Plains are located in the panhandle of Texas. This vast region of Texas is completely flat and home to a variety of different plants and animals. Although this area appears quite dull, it has a rich history that will intrigue most.


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What to Do

The Palo Duro Canyon

Although this region is mostly plains, and that would be true. But this is the high plains home of many canyons. The Palo Duro Canyon, also known as the Grand Canyon of Texas, is 120 miles long, 20 miles wide and 800 feet deep. It even has a state park with many activities to do. This canyon like was formed by the Red River cutting through it creating steep walls around it.


Another Thing To Do

Another thing to do is see and drive on the iconic route 66. There is plenty to do while driving on this rode like seeing the beautiful scenery that winds and rivers carving the land caused and stopping at the many attractions on the way. Another stop to make here is Amarillo. This town has much to do there and learn about.


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More To Do

The High Plains have even more to do though. With it's various wildlife and all the beautiful land to explore there is much more to do. You could go hiking and there would never be a dull moment with all the weathering, erosion, and deposition has done to it.

The acid rain dissolving away at rocks creating magnificent creations to rivers carving away pathways for it to travel. Another thing to do is hunting. If your a hunter, then this is your paradise. There is everything from the tiniest of animals to the noblest of wolves. With all this to do there will never be moment that you won't forget.


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