All Slings Great and Small

Progress report!

Here's a wee progress report for you!

Just wanted to keep you up to date with what i've been up to so far!

- I have emailed Oscha and Kokadi today about a teaching wrap/referral scheme/discount for our clients. I'll let you know if anything comes of those.

- I have started up an excel spreadsheet for the library that contains a list of manufacturers or retailers that i can approach for discount codes/referral schemes etc

- Firesprial and Baie both have a referral scheme. Firesprial has teaching wraps too which i would like to get for the library at some point. Baie has a range called Appleseed which is discounted heavily and might be worth looking into.

- we can get some SSC's from Lenny Lamb too as well as 20% off their outlet store too (just need to email the lady about it!)

- I have contacted the Ever lovely Carrie from Rock Solid slings about getting a discount code for our clients and for us to buy as i think we could do with a padded strap pod (but i know it's not 100% important right now!)

- Joy and Joe have started a scheme called Embrace Babywearing or Embrace wrapping (i can't bloody remember!!) but the Monochrome Dream is part of this and is an affordable wrap to get new wrappers into the wrapping game. Perhaps if we're nice to Josh he might donate his Monochrome Dream to us to use in our library?

- I am practicing sending out fliers and newsletters like this so be prepared to get these from time to time from me!! :)

If you see any other discounts or anything you think the library can get involved with or use then please shout!

thankyou kindly!

Anything else?

If i've missed anything else I will amend the flier or just put it on the volunteers page!

I'm cracking on with the website but need photographs of ALL volunteers please!! so tag me with your favourite ones!!!

we have an email address!!! :