What Hinduism is..........

Higher Power

Hundreds of God and goddesses

Date Founded

Earliest forms date to 1500 earlier

Adherents (Followers)

900 millions

Size Rank

3rd Largest in the world

Spiritual Leaders

Guru and Sage

Ultimate Reality


Major Holidays

• Mahashivarati which occurs in mid-February

• Holi which occurs in spring

• Divali in mid-Novenmber

Beliefs about afterlife

If karma unresolved, soul is born into a new body ; if karma resolved, attain moksa

Moksa- liberation

Human Nature

In bondage to ignorance and illusion, but able to escape

purpose of Life

liberation (moksa) from the cycle of reincarnation

How we live

order life according to the dharma
Amit Patel & Reshma Patel - North Hindu Cinematic Wedding Highlights (Richard Nixon Library)