Golden Brick Road To Perseverance

Diving over obstacles with ALEX HALL :D

Thomas Edison - "I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work."

Thomas Alva Edison was born on February 11, 1847 in Milan, Ohio, as the youngest of his seven siblings. Everything he touched was a lab experiment, starting when he wanted to see what would happen when he set fire to his family barn. In his child life, he dropped out of school, and his mom let him play in the basement and learn his own way by experimenting by himself. At 12, he got a job selling snacks on moving trains. On the side, he opened a vegetable stand in the baggage car until he - oops - set in on fire.

"We will make electricity so cheap that only the rich will burn candles." This was the cause of him creating the light bulb, so people can have a cheaper and more efficient way of having a light source. He had over 1,000 failures at trying to make it perfect. That was an ADVERSITY he had to face, and he could have just easily gave up, but he didn't. He was PERSISTENT and he kept on trying to make the light bulb as perfect as he could. He also had family problems (such as mental illness and no work), but that also didn't stop him. The time period was also an obstacle, because not a whole lot of people have worked with electricity. As a result of not giving up, he ended up actually inventing a working light bulb, and it affected the world today because most people now have light bulbs in their houses and maybe his other inventions.

Cause & Effect

Sam and Felix - Ways To Live Forever - Don't let sickness let you down when you are trying to make the most of life

Compare & Contrast

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Caine's Arcade - Even though no one is interested at first, keep trying and have fun making things

Caine Monroy is a boy from Los Angeles, California. One summer, when he was 9 years old, his dad took him to his auto parts store where he works. Caine found some cardboard boxes and started thinking of ways to use it. He decided to make his own arcade from scratch. He cut out holes in the boxes to make different games that would normally be at an arcade. He used some of his toys as prizes, and had them on display for people to get after they won a game. One day, a man came to "Caine's Arcade" and asked to play a couple of games. Since he was his first customer, he bought some of Caine's custom made "Fun Passes". After a couple days, the guy sent messages out on social media and Reddit about "Caine's Arcade".

Even though his arcade was not very popular, people from all around the state and even country came. The message of his arcade went viral really fast, so he was going to get a lot of customers soon. His dad took his son somewhere (of course he was in on the surprise) while people from all across the country stood by the auto parts store waiting for Caine to get back. When he got back, he was very shocked to what he had seen. He had fun watching the customers play his games and even played games with him.

A conflict was that he was not getting any customers at first. He responded to it by being very patient and waiting for customers. After a couple of days, he got hundreds of people coming to his arcade! He had PERSEVERANCE by not thinking that he is going to get customers right after his arcade opens, that he has to wait a while. The moral is to ADHERE to what you want to do, and wait for a desire that you have. Don't expect things to come your way instantly, you just have to be patient and maybe your dream will come true!

Problem & Solution

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Unstoppable Story - "When you try your best but you don't succeeeed."

Maxcy Filter was a thirty six years old when he took his first bar exam. He wanted to become a lawyer, and in 1966, he took the test to become a lawyer. He failed the first time, so he wanted to take it again. And he took it again, and again, and again. That was his adversity he had to face and overcome because he could not pass the test. After twenty five years, $50,000 in fees, and 144 days spent testing, he finally passed.

Maxcy took the test fourty eight times, and that is how he showed perseverance. A reason he showed perseverance is because he had RESOLVE to take the test again and again, even though he knew he would pass. He did not YIELD and he kept taking the test. An example of how you can show perseverance is, even if it takes you 20 years, keep trying your hardest. You just keep trying for as long as it takes, and if you give up, well, that's your problem.


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Spare Parts - Don't give up on something you know you can accomplish

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