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Introduction to Neon

Neon is cololess, oderless. and tasteless. It changes from a gas to a liquid at -245.92°C. Neon is chemically inactive. Neon is found in the air. Neons most known use is for neon lights. Neon is also used for deceting electric currents and manufacture of lasers. There are no common compounds of neon. Neon is non-reactive because it has 8 elections in its electron configuration. Neon has 3 isotopes

Neon Fun Facts

Family name is noble gases. Its family members also do not combine. It does not help or hurt health. It was discovered in England. 0.0018 percent of Earth's atmosphere is neon. Name means "new one". Neon is the fourth most abundant element in the universe. Neon has no stable compounds. If you pass an electric charge through neon, it glows red.



Neon Ad Campaign

Buy Neon today! Neon is a beautiful reddish orange color. When you first see it, it has no color but shine some light on it and watch the colors shine. Don't worry neon is oderless and tasteless so it wont be a problem around small childern. To buy your own neon element today caontact Sarah Flynn at 555-5556