Amelia Bedelia,the surprise shower

Author:Peggy Peggy illustrator:fritz Sieble



Author 's purpose

The author's purpose is to talk to one another and be kind and having a surprise shower



Point of view

Amelia Bedelia

Mood /tone


Interesting vocabulary

Surprise shower,taste,good,prune,hedge,scale,plumb forgot,mighty please,

Examples of figurative language

Crack ,boom,fish,oh I plumb forgot,pop


I do like this book very much because all the girls together doing nice stuff. I would love that if that would happen at school here or get along.


Some one knock at the door it was cousin Alcolu she asked if he wanted to come he came in. Amelia said that ever Tuesday the ladies get together. they just sew and talk. Miss Alma is having a surprise shower. Alcolu said now why would they give her a surprise shower she can get her self one he said. she said just right. there going to cool a bit my cup cakes. then she will ice them .Then she will put fish on her cup cakes .Then she got a box of prunes .she went to the hedge .Amelia went back home to get flowers .Then she ice her cakes. Then she iron the table cloth. they got presents. The ladies came .Alma came every body hide then they shouted surprise she loved every thing.