How is Space Politically Organized

By Logan and Andrew


Political Geography is the study of political organization around the world.

A state is a politically organized territory with a permanent population, a defined territory, and a government.

How are they made?

Geographer Stuart Elden: The modern concept of territory arose in early modern Europe as a system of political units came into being with fixed, distinct boundaries and at least a quasi-independent government. The process by which this happens is territoriality.

Modern State Idea

Multistate Nations, Multinational States, and Stateless Nations

Nearly every state in the world is a multinational state, a state with more than one nation inside its borders. When a nation stretches across borders and across states, the nation is called a multistate nation. When multiple nations or states claim attachments to the same piece of territory, the potential for conflict is significant.


Colonization often helped out developing nations by helping speed up the modernization and industrialization. But some of the negative affects were that the countries colonizing other nations would use their resources for personal gain, and that ended up destroying or drastically changing the economy of developing nations.

Immannual Wallerstein- World Systems Theory

"World-system" refers to the inter-regional and transnational division of labor, which divides the world into core countries, semi-periphery countries, and the periphery countries. Core countries focus on higher skill, capital-intensive production, and the rest of the world focuses on low-skill, labor-intensive production and extraction of raw materials. This constantly reinforces the dominance of the core countries. Nonetheless, the system has dynamic characteristics, in part as a result of revolutions intransport technology, and individual states can gain or lose their core (semi-periphery, periphery) status over time. For a time, some countries become the world hegemon; during the last few centuries, as the world-system has extended geographically and intensified economically, this status has passed from the Netherlands, to the United Kingdom and (most recently) to the United States of America.

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