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Principles for successful

Principles for successful and safe running up the stairs
Stairs can be taken after one or two. It is true that if you choose the first option, it is more of aerobic exercise, and if you take the stairs after two,

it is more about power. On the stairs, you cannot just run a classic, but also combine different modes of exercise - output sideways, jumping stairs on one

leg or with feet together and the like. While running up the stairs need to think about proper breathing, especially withheld breath, and also watch out for

Several other principles for successful and safe running up the stairs:
* Always warm up before exercise first that you come up the stairs a few times at a slow pace.
* To step entire surface of the foot, otherwise you can hurt the Achilles tendon.
* It is good sometimes alternated running up the stairs with another physical activity to avoid any injuries and overload resulting from too often repeated the same type of movement.

* Do not forget to fluid intake.
* While running up the stairs are very important quality running shoes

* Finally, treat yourself to some relaxation in the form of 5-minute gradual walking up and down stairs and do not forget the stretching.
* Run down the stairs is not very good movement - it is recommended to walk down the stairs slowly, one by one steps or have to take a trip down the elevator and just run up stairs.