what would you do if...(conclusion)

by: Maria Garcia----- 2nd period

1. If a person is being beaten up what would you do?

Run away-2

help the victim-27

call for help and then leave-5

Nothing,keep walking-1

2. If you had to choose something to smell for eternity, what would it be?





3. If you were stuck in an island, what (4 things) would you bring with you?

A Boat, some gas, food and someone special-16

Food, Drinks, my friends, and more food-5

A stranger, shelter, food, and water-1

water, food, shelter, and matches-13

4. would you rather.....

Live with strangers=13

Eat random things=3

Be old forever=4

Eat pineapple for ever=16

5. If you had to choose were to live were would it be?

A hole=1

The ocean=3

were i live now=9

A Mansion=23


I believe that the whole survey was challenging for some of the people that took it and some of the responses were kind of weird but surveys are about our opinion.

There isn't right or wrong answer in my questions because the response is only YOUR opinion and not others.In total,36 people took the survey and at least only 1 person skipped question #1 and #3.