Johannes Kepler

Kepler and His Logic

Johannes made three laws according to the solar system.

1. The path of the planets is an ellipse, with the sun being the main point.

2. The speed of the motion of the planets relates to the distance from the sun.

3. P1^2/P2^2 = R1^3/R2^3 (The planets rotation and how they speed up when getting closer to the sun)

Kepler's three laws developed Issac Newton's thinking about planet interaction. This led to his Universal Law of Gravitation.

Without Kepler, we wouldn't have seen how the planets move. Therefore we wouldn't know anything at all about gravity or the solar system.

Kepler is a hero for introducing the laws and influencing another scientist to go further in explaining the solar system.

Kepler made a discovery in science that we still build on today. So you may not care about the planets, but don't you want to know how we are anchored to earth? Or how the sun is the main focus point in our solar system? We have spent years advancing our knowledge about our solar system. It's all because of Kepler.