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Summer Update 2014

Word from the Director

What was your summer like this year? Staying local, maybe you were able to BBQ or garden or enjoy an area concert or spend more time with friends and family in the long daylight hours. Or, was it a summer of travel for you? A journey is a time to see and do things that are new and different, educational or inspirational. For ACTS Group, summer really was a combination of being “at home” and “on a journey”. We were “at home” in the sense that we continued our local engagement, including pastors fellowships, prayer groups and service engagement. We made new friends in the long daylight hours like a new partnership with Q Ideas to host Q Commons in October, and meeting the many new connections with non-profits that came as a result of the wild success of Season of Service. Summer was also a journey. We embarked on a 10 week strategic review with input and guidance by Rose Lester of Lester Consulting Group. It was a rigorous journey, but one well worth it. We looked in new ways at what has happened over the last two years in a good and critical way. It was truly educational and inspirational. At the end of this journey, was a 15 page strategic plan and renewed zeal “To catalyze and mobilize united Christian efforts that demonstrate and communicate the love of Jesus Christ across the Greater Sacramento Region.” Let that mission beat in your heart.

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Jeff Kreiser, Executive Director of the ACTS Group

Summer Highlights: Season of Service

May 17th and 18th marked the final weekend of Season of Service 2014. It was an amazing weekend with "thousands of volunteers participating in dozens of different service projects all over the Sacramento region! We are sitting back in amazement at all God accomplished in the first half of the year through his church demonstrating the love of Jesus Christ with simple acts of service!" says Megan McCleary, our Serve Sacramento Coordinator.

The final count for Season of Service is shown in the image to the right. We are thrilled with the amazing involvement of churches and individuals across the region to show God's love to the community. The Season of Service Celebration took place on June 8th at Genesis Church in South Sacramento, and was a wonderful way to close out the season.

As summer closes, we are in major planning mode for Season of Service 2015! Visit the Serve Sacramento Website to register for next year's season and to learn more!

Celebrating collaborative efforts from Season of Service 2014.

Summer Highlights: SacramentoPRAYS Kickoff

We are excited to bring to you a project a year in the making – ! We invite you to take a few minutes to click through the site to familiarize yourself with this uniting website for our regional prayer efforts. As always, we welcome your feedback and insights on how to better knit together the diverse prayer strands into a beautiful whole.

ACTS Group Endorsement

President John Jackson, William Jessup University, Rocklin

“ACTS Group is essential because sustainable community impact does not occur without catalytic backbone organizations supporting long term change. ACTS is uniquely positioned to link Churches and Christ followers in the marketplace for city transformation.”

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Unified, gospel-based leaders working for transformation in the diverse communities of the Sacramento region. These leaders provide ongoing leadership and encouragement for gospel movement in communities as well as in the spheres of cultural influence of the city.

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