Habitat Destruction

The good we can do in the bad.

Habitat Destruction

What's habitat destruction ?

  • Habitat destruction is the loss of animal home.
  • The animals are losing their natural resources.
  • Habitat Destruction is causing animals and nature to be destroyed and extinct

Killing animals. Doesn't matter ?

Yes it does. Animals are a great help in the world. Animals are apart of the life cycle. Some animals are here to kill the animals that harm us. Animals make nature beautiful. Without animals we wouldn't be eating meat or everything would be destroyed.

What's happening ?

How can we help ?

Well stop building harmful resources in animals territory !

Stop polluting yards, forests, lakes, rivers, oceans, etc. Those are just some places animals live. They need their home so they can survive. If you're hurting the places where they live than how can we depend on beauty of nature. Animals are like dinosaurs. They're becoming extinct. Stop ruining the future. and think about the new world we will live in. You may not care but someone in the world does.