What makes me tick?

Personality, Emotions, and Social/ Emotional Intelligence

5th period Psychology

Emily Cecil

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*The drink I am holding is butterbeer. It's not real beer if you are wondering.*
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My Personality

It would take a lot of words to describe my personality, but I could probably sum it up in a few. I am sarcastic, caring, introverted, and creative. Throughout my childhood I felt more comfortable settled in with my tight group of friends than in a setting of people I didn't know.

I was always told growing up that I am caring like my grandmother. I figured that I received that from her because of nurture. My grandmother always took care of me after school and on the weekends.My grandmother always tells me to help others and care for them even if they don't appreciate it. My introverted and creative nature I inherited from my dad. My father never taught me how to think creatively, it just came naturally to me. My dad is very introverted and I believe I received that trait from him. I understand that others may believe that my introverted nature was from how I was raised(nurture), but I know I received my introvertedness from nature.

My personality has changed very little over the years except for when I arrived at high school. I was very closed off and only talked to my close friends. In the middle of freshman year I understood that I should push myself out there and make more friends. This was a hard adjustment but I felt more happy knowing I could have more friends,Although I feel more comfortable in my small group, It doesn't hurt me to go make friends like it used to.

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My Emotions

I express my emotions in a somewhat respectful matter. I am quick to anger and could lash out easily at other people. When I'm not angry about something I have a calm demeanor and I am usually relaxed. I believe this is because of my introverted nature. I have problems talking about my emotions because emotions make me uncomfortable. When others are upset or angry I am unsure how to respond. As much as I want to help said person, I find it difficult to comfort people. Just because I am unaware of how to help the person, it doesn't mean I don't care about them.

Growing up I was always upset and crying because I have really bad anxiety problems. I was told throughout school, home, and at the doctor's office that crying is not okay. This is probably the reason why I don't cry often and have a hard time expressing certain emotions.

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My Social/Emotional Intelligence

Nurture played a big role in how my social/emotional intelligence was formed. As a child my parents always had a golden rule, " Treat others how you would want to be treated." This made me more aware of others emotions and mine. I would never want anyone to feel upset or angry because I'm upset and angry. This relates back to my caring personality. Yes, I do make mistakes every now and then, but the way my parents raised me still resonates throughout my life.

I regulate my emotions by thinking about the consequences of the action I am taking. During this time I try to think about how the other person is feeling and how the situation could play out. Some may say "How do you do that all the time?' They need to understand that this strategy doesn't work all of the time. Sometimes I don't even have time to think of all of the consequences. When my original strategy fails I always try to keep a level head and navigate the situation.

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The Importance of Understanding Myself, My Emotions, and My Social/ Emotion Intelligence

Before we covered this topic in psychology I had little knowledge of social/emotional intelligence and how to regulate my emotions. I never thought E.I was an important skill before I took this class. When my class skype called Mr.McKendrick he discussed with us the importance of having a high E.I in the workplace. I did not know that E.I was important before we had this psychology unit.Through out this unit I felt like I knew myself better and have a good grasp on how to regulate my emotions.

In the future I plan on working at an animation studio and having a high E.I would help me tremendously. Without being able to understand myself and others emotions I wouldn't be able to work professionally and thoroughly.