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Join us for encouragement, inspiration and equipping!

How do we ignite a passion for learning about our past? Learn ways to make history come alive for each level and stage of learning as well as practice tried and true methods that help students truly engage in this subject. Delve into the area of debate and learn how we can teach our children to develop logical arguments to defend their stances on anything from politics to social issues to their faith.

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Our Speaker

Nanette Levi is married to Ray and together they have four children, ages 21 to 8. They have been homeschooling with Classical Conversations since 2015. Nanette is a Miami native who received a Juris Doctorate from the University of Miami School of Law. She practiced law in San Francisco, and now in Miami, along with being a wife and mother she is also a tutor and speaker-trainer for CC. She has helped lead an annual women’s ministry conference in her church for the past 5 years. Nanette is the new Foundations/Essentials director for Coral Gables community. Her favorite thing to do is to travel and eat out with family and friends. Nanette’s passion is to declare God's glory in her life by testifying as to how God has delivered her and her family through trials and continues to take them from triumph to triumph. God led Nanette and her family to Classical Conversations and has made it abundantly clear that this is program for them!

Why Attend a Parent Practicum?

Many parents begin the homeschooling journey determined to give their children a better education than the one they received. But many of us wish we could transform our own educations, too. Or perhaps we don't feel quite equipped for teaching our children and we want answers and support. Our parent practicums offer exactly that!

Each year, parents at all stages of the homeschooling journey spend three days delving into the underlying philosophy and the practicalities of the classical model; then we challenge ourselves to dig deeper into a specific subject, discovering the truths behind the facts and becoming students ourselves. We learn new ideas and vocabulary, we begin to understand how to identify and fill in the gaps in our own educations, and we wrestle with big ideas in the company of a like-minded community - in short, we practice learning classically. We get to model the skills of learning for our children; we show them how exciting it is to learn new ideas and demonstrate that learning is a lifelong pursuit.

Affordable Camps Available for Kids!

While you're learning at the conference, your kids will be learning and having fun, too! We have affordable and educational camps for every age! All camp leaders are background checked and trained in order to provide the best experience for your kids!

Nursery (0–2 years)

Classical Conversations provides quality nursery care for your infants and toddlers so you can enjoy your Parent Practicum. Before dropping off your child, please label all personal belongings. Parents are welcome to pick up and drop off infants as needed.
Please bring: Any needed baby items in a labeled bag and a bottle and/or cup with your child’s name clearly marked. A snack will be provided daily.

Play Camp (3–5 years)

Designed for preschool students, our play camps are a mixture of play, simple art activities, and memory work chanting. Your children will enjoy this time and may learn a few grammar pegs in the process!
Please bring: Any needed items in a labeled bag and a cup with your child’s name clearly marked. A snack will be provided daily.

GeoDraw Camp (6–8 years)

During our popular Geo-Drawing Camp, children will spend three days drawing and mastering the earth’s geography, including the major features and political boundaries of the continents. Facilitators will teach the classical model and drawing skills in order to help students complete their projects. We use techniques from Mona Brooks’s Drawing with Children; your child is sure to love attending this camp! Optional resource: Trivium Tables: Cycle 2 Geography

NEW! History: Heroes and Handiwork (ages 9–14 only) - Cutler Bay and Miami Shores Conferences

Using Story of the World, PreScripts: Medieval and World History Cursive and Art Lessons, and Foundations Cycle 2 Audio songs, students will love learning about the heroes of history and handiwork. Students will learn about monasteries and illuminated manuscripts and about heroes from the Bible and from European history. Students will learn to draw historical scenes, make an illuminated manuscript, and will participate in fun games and skits. Students will get a great introduction to Foundations Cycle 2 history. Required resource: Prescripts Cursive Sentences and Art Lessons: Med to Modern World History ($13)

Parents are responsible for picking children up from all camps and providing lunch during the one-hour lunch break.

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