Parents Wanted

We never knew love until we became parents ourselves

The Qualifications You Need:

You must have a home to provide the child with a shelter. A steady job is also very important because the child has to have food on their table and clothes on their back and also have a well balanced schedule. You must need some medical insurance so that your child gets they right medical help in case of an emergency. Knowing how to cook food and having a way of transportation and maybe even being CPR certified would be good.

The Necessary Skills to complete the job

You must have time for the child and help the child out whenever needed and when asked for it. You need to be understanding and help them through their problems as much as possible. Learn to love them and care for them as much as if they were your own. You need to show them that you will always be there for them. Protecting them and showing them from right to wrong, trying to guide them into the right path. You also need to know how to cook amazing food (green enchiladas). Knowing how to manage your job and your kids and having patience with them.

Managing your Skills

Knowing how to prioritize is very important because you have to know what is the most important and what comes first. Setting goals helps you by setting an outcome you want to achieve and managing your resources is how you are going to meet your goal. By having these skills your future for you and your child will be much better and help them know that any goal is possible and achievable.

The good characteristics for a parent

You need to have good morals to be a good parent. Teaching your child to be kind and respectful towards others and respecting their elders. By you not stealing or doing illegal things your kids will learn that, that is wrong and not to do things like that. Your kids seeing you tell the truth and being honest will help them know how to do that be it. You helping others in need well also teach them to care for people they might not even know and have a nice and caring heart .