Family Traditions -Sociology

By: Rene Runions

Traditions for Thanksgiving

-The Saturday before Thanksgiving my family goes to my Grandpa Al's and Grandma Sharon's house. We eat dinner and the kids take turn driving the Tractor.

-On Thanksgiving my family goes to my Grandma Nancy's and Grandpa Merlin's for lunch and dinner. We play card games like phase 10 and watch football.

Traditions on Halloween

-On Halloween when I was little, my mom would take My brother, sister, and I to see my Grandma Nancy because she loved seeing us in our costume

-To get ready for Halloween my brother, sister and I carve pumpkins. My mom dries out the seeds and then bakes them for snacks :3

Christmas Traditions

-On Christmas eve my family goes to my Grandma Nancy's and Grandpa Merlin's

-On Christmas day my extended family comes to my house for brunch and to open gifts

Easter Traditions

-After morning mass my extended family comes to my house for Breakfast

-When everyone finishes eating, my cousin and I go and hide Easter eggs for the kids to find

Birthday Traditions

-Going to my Great Grandma's house for everyone's birthday where we have a classic Italian meal and play baseball in the backyard

-My Grandma Nancy makes her Texas Cake for everyone's birthday

Other Traditions

-As a family, we all decorate for the holidays

-Whenever my family throws a party at my house, we sing Karaoke in the basement

-On Sunday mornings, I go with my dad to the Hen House for breakfast with my Grandpa Al

3 terms that relate to 3 traditions of mine

1. Norms- rules defining appropriate and inappropriate behavior

example) For my family, a norm is having brunch at my house every Christmas

2.Values- broad ideas about what is good or desirable shared by people in a society

example) A value in my family is to always celebrate things together, whether its a birthday or a holiday

3.Real Culture- actual behavior patterns of members of a group

example) The real culture in my family tradition the pattern of Easter mass, breakfast at my house, then an Easter hunt.