January 17, 2016

Last Week:

  • The students took the unit test over multiplying and dividing with decimals
  • Friday was Star Wars Day in ASPIRE 5 so in math we added the values of character names from the Star Wars movies. Our ABC chart we used had a fractional value for each letter. In order to add there was LOTS of math going on: equivalent fractions, adding fractions, and simplifying fractions.

This Week:

This week we will be working on:
  • The students will take the middle of the year iStation math test.
  • Adding mixed fractions with regrouping
  • Subtracting mixed fractions with regrouping

Below is a great video for reviewing adding mixed fractions and finding LCM!

Adding mixed numbers with unlike denominators | Fractions | Pre-Algebra | Khan Academy

What Can You Do at Home?

Many times parents and kids ask, "What can we be doing at home?"

Here are some suggestions for this week!

Textbook - As we continue our work with adding and subtracting fractions these pages would be good practice: 228, 229, 230, and 234. Students are welcome to practice these pages and turn them in!

Prodigy - your child has an account here. I have set up different kinds of problems for them to practice.

Sumdog - you child has an account here as well. There are games to play and contests to enter. Lots of fun!

Coding - there are many coding apps and websites that are great for kids to work on at home. Coding is great for logical thinking and problem solving.