how to live in a zombie apocalypse

by Htut

1.Appalachian Highlands

Facts: It extends from Eastern Canada to western Alabama. it has old eroded mountains in fact the oldest mountains in north America,it also has the Piedmont or a plateau it's located

at the bottom of the mountains. i give it a 7/10 why i give it a 7 because it's eroded mountains so their dirt and trees are growing there so you can make weapons out of the trees and rocks. also you grow crops on the dirt and on the plus side zombies can't climb. And the reason why i did not give it a 10/10 is because there is a small chance that you will fall off the mountain

Coastal Range

Facts: It is located along the pacific coast. It stretches from Canada to Mexico. It has rugged mountains, fertile valleys and rocky beaches . Some of the mountains are called sierra, Nevadas ,and the cascades. i give the coastal range 9/10. First there are rugged mountains so when you are on the of the beach area of the coastal range you can hide under the mountains so won't be seen by zombies . Second there's water that stretches from canada to mexico so there is a lot of to drink from *remember don't drink salt water boil the water before you drink it .Third there is probably seaweed so you have a good source of food . last thing you can swim in it to a deep part of the reef so when zombies come to you they probably will drown.

Coastal plain

Facts: It stretches along the Atlantic ocean . It borders the gulf of Mexico . It has Wide lowlands , Excellent harbors , And long sandy beaches . Now i give the Coastal plain a 10/10 why i give it a 10 . First there are harbors in the Coastal plain so their is a chance of boats being there so you can borrow a boat to go out into sea if something goes wrong like zombies overrun the place so you can escape by going out into the middle of the ocean because zombies can't swim . Second thing you won't be lonely because the Coastal plain has harbors so its has at least have some people there so you have somebody to be with you in the zombie apocalypse . The last thing is it's populated so there is probably high chance that there is places in town that have food and water and if you run out of both of those there is ocean nearby so you still have a lot's of water and fish for a really long time.