End to Domestic Violence

Together, We Can End Abuse Today! ~Jasmine

We Need YOUR Help!

Come to the "End of DV" event and help us stop abusive relationships. We need YOUR help to end this and to save lives. Did you know that the last step of domestic violence is to kill the victim? Think about how many lives you can save if you come and show support for those victims. You may even end up saving YOURSELF! There's nothing stopping you from becoming the next victim of domestic violence.

"End of DV" Event

Wednesday, Jan. 21st, 10:30am-12:45pm

1150 Dream Crest Road

Mississauga, ON


10:30-10:45am Gathering and Light Refreshments

10:50-11:20am Guest Speaker, Leslie Morgan Steiner

11:25-11:55am Presentation, "Break the Silence"

12:00-12:40pm Lunch (Provided)

12:45pm Departures

Our Goal

Come help us to:

  • Save victims before the last step of domestic violence
  • Raise awareness on the issue and encourage victims to speak up "Abuse thrives only in silence" ~Leslie Morgan Steiner
  • Preventing domestic violence from claiming any more victims
  • End domestic violence not only to save victims, but also to save those who may become abusers. It is estimated that one-third of abused children will grow up to become abusers. (Source: http://www.safehorizon.org/page/child-abuse-facts-56.html)

This Event's Impact

I will know if this event brought about positive change if people finally become more aware of domestic violence and decide to share what they know with others around them. Once people know more about domestic violence, they will finally stop asking, "Why does she stay?" because the answer to this question should already be obvious enough. She doesn't leave because she's afraid. After attending this event people should already know that ending an abusive relationship is much easier said than done and that they shouldn't judge the victim because there isn't much they can do. Ending a relationship where domestic violence is present is extremely dangerous and will mostly end with the victim's death or a life time of being stalked. These are just some of the reasons why its important for people to attend this event and learn more about domestic violence, so that we may speak for the victim's who can't and end abusive relationships. This is how I will know whether this event is effective or not. When domestic violence is finally something that victims can easily escape because of all the support around them and when we can finally have an end to these abusive relationships.