Get Chatty With Your Computer

Dictation Software for Apple Computers

How It Works

Most people know that you can speak text messages or dictate emails when using your iPhone. They make it pretty obvious...there is a little microphone icon built into the phone's keyboard! Even more obvious, holding down the home button activates Siri, everyone's (slightly confused) best friend. What most people don't know is that many of these same voice-to-text features are also available as part of Apple's OS X software for Macintosh computers. Even though iMac users cannot utilize Siri, they can dictate messages and even verbally command their computer to perform certain tasks!

Using Dictation Software in the Classroom

There are many potential applications for Speech-to-Text software in the classroom, both for students with or without disabilities. Students who suffer from such disabilities as dyslexia can transform the way that they communicate electronically. Students who lack fine motor skills no longer need to spend hours typing their work but can instead rely on dictation. Students without learning or physical disabilities can benefit as well. Students have long experienced a gap between their everyday speech and their formal writing style. The ability to dictate formal writing assignments could help to bridge this gap and make them more conscious of their speaking. This software could also be useful in teaching the differences between English words that sound similar such as their/they're/there and affect/effect. Since the software can often interpret the context and make the right choice, students will have to evaluate the ways in which those constructions are established.
Voice Dictation On Apple Mac

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