My Dream Career

By Avery Schrotenboer

Interior Designer

I have always wanted to be an interior designer because I love art and creating pieces that are appealing to certain people and people in general.

Getting Started

First, I would look into applying for an internship and learning more about becoming an interior designer through that. Next I would go to an art school and enroll in a program specifically for interior design. After that I would apply for a job within another business's work field. I would help out with the little things to start out with. Eventually, I would start my own business as an interior designer.


I would market my business to mainly middle to upper class people within my community. I would probably live in a more populated city than Traverse City to be more successful. They would pay me by the job.

More about my passion

I am inspired to become an interior designer every day. Every room I walk into I can't help but to imagine what I want it to look like, or how I would change it if I could. Art is a major hobby of mine and I can't get my hands off a new project once I start one.