News from Mrs. Drudy 11/16/2015

"We exist so children can excel."

What We're Learning in Challenge

3rd and 4th Grade

We are continuing our study of figurative language and are applying it in expert fashion to Because of Winn-Dixie. Additionally, we have been enjoying some interesting rounds of "I Have... Who Has...?" as we figure out some of the lesser-known idioms that are sometimes used. Students will be working in independent reading labs working on all things figurative language this week.

Our first batch of letters to the Challenge students at Brookville Elementary are complete and are headed their way. Our students did a great job with this initial friendly letter writing project.

5th and 6th Grade

We are plowing right through The Watson's Go to Birmingham. It is delightful to observe the maturity of these students as they appreciate both the humorous and serious side of this novel. They, too, have been "picking the chapters apart" with a focus on figurative language. Upon completion of the story, we'll be conducting a Readers' Theatre of the same name.

Both Classes

Students have received the requirements for the upcoming biography timeline project. Your child may come home and tell you that I've approved a book that is just shy of the page number requirements for his/her grade level. This is legitimate. I would hate to think that my inflexibility might stifle any student's interest in learning about a certain individual based solely on rigid page number requirements. I've reminded them that if the desired book's page requirement falls short, the book must be approved by me.

Additionally, I've spoken to them that the actual type of timeline that they create is entirely up to them. Again, I don't want to hamper creativity by imposing strict guidelines on the project. You will note, however, that I've copied the rubric that I'll be using to score the final projects that are due on December 11.

Notes from the Teacher

Coming Up:

November 16-20 National Education Week

Tuesday: Superhero Day- Dress up as your favorite superhero

Wednesday: Dress Disney!- Dress up as your favorite Disney character

Thursday: College Day- Wear your favorite college gear

Friday: Hats Off to Education- Wear hats to school with MCS spirit gear