Lucky Enough To Be Stylish!

Hi Ladies!!

I'm so excited about the new year and the new jewels!! I love all the new incentives, and I'm really looking forward to the next six months of hard work paying off for me with a trip to Puerta Vallarta. The last time I was there I was celebrating my 30th birthday with girlfriends! Where has the time gone???

There... I'm putting it out there, my goal is to earn that incentive trip! What's your glam goal?

Whether its the trip or the fabulous leather bag or maybe your goal is the new qualifying bonus, you can do it! I want to support you in all goals both big and small, so let me know how I can help!

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5/5/5 Challenge

We're continuing this fun team incentive that will become a new monthly staple. Sell $500 by the 5th of the month and win a $5 gift card for Starbucks! You know you'll get there... Just get there sooner, and I'll buy you a cup of coffee. :) Easy!! Since i'm late getting this out, you'll have until the 10th to get yourself qualified!
PS - this is for my second line too!! Yay! I hope you enjoyed your Starbucks Annie!!
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Trunk Show Themes

There are so many fun trunk show themes this year: Lucky Enough To Be Stylish, Brackets and Baubles, Bunnies and Bling...if you need help finding one just post your question to facebook and i'm sure someone on our team will help you find one!
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March Madness


$1000 $40

$2000 $100

$3000 $225

$4000 $400!

$5000 $500 PLUS your $100 Stellar Seller Bonus = $600!

Every $1000 sold after that $100 for each $1000! It’s UNLIMITED!


1 New Stylist $100, when she earns her first book & sell jumpstart award – It’s UNLIMITED!

Are you a new Stylist in your Jumpstart? Stack up these rewards ON TOP of your Jumpstart rewards!

*Sales will be tallied throughout the month and paid on out April 1st for amount earned. Sponsoring Rewards will be paid out shortly after your Stylist hits her first Book & Sell award during her Jumpstart Period

Welcome to Our Team

I am so glad you've joined us ladies!! Welcome new team member on my first line: Kelly Nagle and on Lindsay Remley's first line: Quinn Perry and Jodie Gollings. We are so glad you've joined us! I hope to see you all at our team meeting on March 11th. We will be enjoying margaritas and Qdoba at our new distribution center.

Much love and gratitude ladies!! XOXO Renschke