Who caused Macbeth's downfall

The cause of Macbeth's downfall was his own cockiness. Macbeth believed he was invincible because of what the witches told him. He thought it'd be impossible for the forest to move and for someone not to be born of women. When Macbeth was told to beware of Macduff he replied, "' What need i fear of thee?"' (Littell 121). Macbeth was not worried because according to the witches he would not die by someone born of women. Even when Macbeth was told that the trees were moving and the messenger said, "' I say, a moving grove"' (Littell 173). Macbeth was still not worried because who could not be born of women? Before he fought Macduff he even said, "' I bear a charmed life, which must not yield to one of women"' (Littell 179). Macbeth was so cocky that he told macduff that he was practically invincible. This is why the down fall of Macbeth can be blamed on himself and his own cockiness.
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Literary device #1

Verbal Irony

Macbeth says, "'I bear a charmed life, which must not yield to someone born of women"' (Littell 183). but a few scenes later Macduff says, "'Behold the usurper's cursed head"' (Littell 183). Macbeth is so cocky that he brags about not being able to die of someone born my women. He believes the battle against Macduff will be easy. That is until Macduff tells him he was not born of women and cuts off Macbeth's head. This is verbal irony because Macbeth says that he will not die and then he is murdered by Macduff.

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Literary device #2


"'Fleance is scaped"' (Littell 97). Macbeth's plan would've gone perfectly if Fleance had been killed. Instead of both Banquo and his son, Fleance, being killed only Banquo died. this represents foil because of Fleance escaping it prevented Macbeth's plan from succeeding.

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Literary device #3

Tragic Hero

"'Behold where stands the usurper's cursed head"' (Littell 183). Macduff is a hero for killing Macbeth and freeing the kingdom form tyranny. He did this for the price of his own wife and child which makes this ending bitter sweet. This is an example of tragic hero because Macduff killed Macbeth ,but he lost his wife and son.

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Movie connection

In the movie Happy Gilmore the character Shooter McGavin (Christopher McDonald) resembles Macbeth because he believes he can not be beaten. Shooter believes he can easily win agaist the new golfer, Happy. In the scene below Shooter and happy make a bet and Shooter accepts it because he is cocky and he thinks he will win easily since he is one of the best golfers around.

I eat pieces of shit like you for breakfast

Novel connection

In the book Percy Jackson The Lightning Thief A god named Ares is the master mind in the stealing of Zues' lightning bolt. Percy who is blamed for stealing it confronts Ares and challenges him to a fight. Ares accepts considering the fact that he is the god of war he knows he will win against a demi-god like Percy. During the fight ares says, "'You got no hope. I'm just toying with you"' ( Riordan 328). After fighting, "Ares lowered his sword 'you have made an enemy, godling"' (Riordan 331). Percy had just defeated the god of war in a fight because Ares became careless with his strikes because he was too cocky and he thought he would beat Percy in the end.
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