Johannes Kepler

German Mathematician/Astrologer


Born : 12/27/1571 Johannes Kepler was born a premature child and wasn't expected to live very long. Started School at age 7 At the Latin School in Leonberg.At age 20, Kepler entered the Tubingen Theological School. This Began his career as a Mathematician. Kepler then became the head Mathematician at Graz high school. His first major work was Prodromus dissertationum mathematicarum continens mysterium cosographicum.

His two best know works were Astronmia Nova And Harmonies Of The world.

Works/ Contributions

Kepler was the one who came up with the laws of planetary motion. The first law was that all of the planets move in elliptical orbits with the Sun at one focus. The Second Law was the time necessary to traverse any arc of a planetary orbit is proportional to the area of the sector between the central body and that arc. The third Law was there is an exact relationship between the squares of the planets’ periodic times and the cubes of the radii of their orbits.(Also called the harmonics of the world)

The Astronmia Nova was a book created in 1609 that contained and explained all of Kepler's findings about the motion of mars.

Impact/ Response

The impact from all of his work was that he had influenced a lot of other Scientist later on in life on there work. For instance Newton used Kepler's laws to help work on his theory's on The Laws Of Gravity. The general people accepted his work because at that time people would believe anything unchallenged and new.

Peoples View

Space was a new concept for everyone. To the general public it definitely got them looking at the sky more but for the other scientific people it gave them a challenge. To be able to prove him wrong of find out new things about space.
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